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1. Aristo Craft.  Very detailed.  Notice the shift lever and pull handle. Looks like 1955 Evinrude.  This motor and the New Evince below are the best detailed metal toy outboards ever made in the 1950s.  They would have sold like hot cakes if they had gotten permission from Evinrude to put their name on it.  

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2. New Evince.  Also very detailed.  Looks like 1954 Evinrude.  This is a wonderful motor with the moving shift handle and pull start handle on it.  Why K&O didn't add those simple features is beyond me.  These are the most detailed of all 1950s toy outboards.

New Evince.JPG (17239 bytes)

3. Famous Motor.  Not a particularly good looking motor.  Poorly made and often doesn't run.  Not rare.  Nice colorful box.

Famous Motor.jpg (29508 bytes)  Famous Motor box.jpg (26284 bytes)

4. Aristo-Craft Mercury.   This motor sort of looks like a 1956 Mercury Mark 30.  These were made in Japan and marketed in the USA under the name Aristo Craft.  Nice box.

Aristocraft Mercury3.jpg (30211 bytes)  Aristocraft Mercury.jpg (19755 bytes)  Aristocraft Mercury2A.jpg (22958 bytes)

4a. Water Sprite.  Very small and cheaply made.  These are not hard to find.  Says "Water Sprite" on top of the cowl.  I've seen these in at least two colors.  Appears to be the same motor as the Aristocraft Mercury above in number 4.

Water Sprite.jpg (22033 bytes)  Water SpriteA.jpg (9940 bytes)

5. Union Craft Mercury Zoom.  A very unique motor.  The thing on the side of the cowl is a Speaker!  When you turn on the motor it makes an outboard motor sound through the speaker!  Really neat!  Not a great looking motor and not rare but cool to have because if it's uniqueness.

Mercury Zoom.jpg (26555 bytes)  Mercury zoomA.jpg (27811 bytes)

6. The Rico Speed, Speed King and Wolf Cub.  All three are exactly the same motor but have different names on the chrome plated wrap around on the cowl.  Very good replica of the 1954 Evinrude.  Sold individually and on Rico boats.  Not rare but neat to have.

motor005.jpg (153060 bytes)  motor006.jpg (151234 bytes)  Wolfcub.jpg (50802 bytes)  Wolfcub1.jpg (24452 bytes)  Wolfcub2.jpg (35278 bytes)

7. International Models: IMP.  One of the easiest motors to find they must have been made in the millions.  You can usually buy these at a very reasonable price and can often find the box too.  They came with a Silver, Blue and Red cowl.  Made from probably the late 1940s to the early 1950s.

IMP1.jpg (16994 bytes)  IMP2.jpg (16905 bytes)  IMP3.jpg (15755 bytes)  IMP4.jpg (15429 bytes)  IMP5.jpg (16662 bytes)  IMP6.jpg (10241 bytes)  IMP.jpg (19127 bytes)

8. Langcraft outboard. A relatively common motor but pretty neat.  The pictures make it look yellow but it's really more of a cream color.  Cheaply made from tin, not die cast, and has "Langcraft" stamped on the sides of the cowl and "Speedo" on the front cowl chrome.  Neat part is it comes with it's own gas tank and battery pack.  About 4 inches tall. Not rare.

langcraft.jpg (24273 bytes)  langcraft2.jpg (19556 bytes)  langcraft3.jpg (24879 bytes)  langcraft4.jpg (25092 bytes)  langcraft5.jpg (13875 bytes)  langcraft7.jpg (64776 bytes)  langcraft9.jpg (97717 bytes) 

9 Langcraft Mercury.  Looks like a Mark 55 but not as well made as the K&O version.  This motor is all plastic except for the chrome wrap around, prop and transom bracket.  Not common but not very rare either.  No Mercury decals on it but most have the Langcraft decals on the cowl.  This white one doesn't.  The blue one is shown here on a nice Langcraft outboard cruiser.  The Lafayette toy outboard is the same motor without the decals.

Langcraft Merc.jpg (19009 bytes)  Langcraft Mercury.jpg (19967 bytes)  Langcraft Mercury1.jpg (27824 bytes)  Langcraft Mercury2.jpg (26400 bytes)   Lafayette Mercury.jpg (29956 bytes)   Langcraft Mercury boat.jpg (23269 bytes)  Langcraft Mercury boat1.jpg (16545 bytes)

10. Langcraft outboard.  This is another Langcraft motor.  The company made several different types.  This one looks a little like a West Bend motor from that time period.

Langcraft.jpg (33611 bytes)  Langcraft1.jpg (33705 bytes)  Langcraft2.jpg (25924 bytes)  Langcraft3.jpg (21489 bytes)  Langcraft4.jpg (29723 bytes)

11. Small Model Equipment (SME) outboard.  This is a very interesting motor that I've never seen in person or anywhere else for that matter.  It was made by SME which is famous for manufacturing hi fi tonearms in England.  The box says "Foam Wraith" and came with instructions to build two model boats for the motor.  It was marketed around 1950 at a time of transition from model making to model engineering and nine years before the SME arm. Great looking lower unit.  Really neat!  Thank you for the pictures Alan!

SME motor.jpg (39552 bytes)  SME motor1.jpg (31714 bytes)

12. Knickerbocker outboard.  This is a cheaply made plastic and metal toy outboard.  Pretty easy to find but hard to find with the box.  Looks like a 1950s Mercury.

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13. IMP style Occupied Japan motors and their variations.  Here are pictures of the various ways that the Occupied Japan IMP motors came.  One was even sold as a K&O Royal Blue Master. Some of the differences are just color and others are subtle differences in the lower units or cowls.

Occupied Royal Blue1.jpg (315133 bytes)  Occupied Red Tall Oval1.jpg (28527 bytes)  Occupied Red Tall Round1.jpg (59757 bytes)  Occupied Silver Tall Oval2.jpg (27121 bytes)  Occupied Silver Tall Round2.jpg (18174 bytes)  OccupiedRed and SilverShort1.jpg (303734 bytes)

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