K&O not only made the name brand motors like Evinrude, Johnson, Mercury, etc., but also produced their own versions of toy outboards.  I guess there was a greater profit since they didn't need to pay the manufacturers a royalty for producing them.  These are generally of inferior construction to the name brand motors and not that rare.  The best looking is the Cyclone which looks like a 1958 22 Hp Scott-Atwater.

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1.  Royal Speedmaster Almost exactly the same as the IMP motors except for the cowl color and the K&O decal on the rear of the cowl.  Not too easy to find but not that rare either.  

Royal Speedmaster.JPG (13728 bytes)  1950 KO Royal BlueSpeedMaster1a.jpg (28388 bytes)  1950 KO Royal Blue Speedmaster5a.jpg (20421 bytes)  1950 KO Royal Blue SpeedMaster4a.jpg (29239 bytes)

2.  Hurricane  A very common motor and easy to find.  Often found on the Fleetline wooden boat "Thunderbolt"

Huricane.JPG (16219 bytes)  Hurricane box.jpg (31476 bytes)

3.  Cyclone 28 HP  Best looking of the generic motors from K&O.  Almost exactly the same as the 1958 Scott-Atwater 22 HP except that the blue color is much darker on the Cyclone and the Cyclone doesn't have a tiller handle or the lifting handle on top of the cowl.

K&OCyclone28HP.jpg (33867 bytes)  Cyclone 28.JPG (22873 bytes)

4.  Sea Dart (blue)  A very small motor and pretty easy to find along with the red one below.  Poorly made of tin and often you will find these damaged.

Sea Dart blue.JPG (18396 bytes)

5.  Sea Dart (red)  Again, a small motor and poorly constructed. Often packaged with a small Fleetline boat.

Sea Dart red.JPG (20409 bytes)

6.  Tornado (early version)  This motor was also made with the Tornado decal on it, which I don't have.  Poorly constructed of tin, rarely run, and not hard to find.  Often found in pieces.

Tornado early version.JPG (24248 bytes)

7.  Tornado (later version)  A much nicer version of the Tornado.  Small motor but kind of neat looking because of the slanted decal on the side.  I've also seen this motor in a light blue version.  Not rare but harder to find then the one above.

Tornado later version.JPG (18696 bytes)

8.  Tornado [later version) in light blue with the original box.  This one is the hardest of the three Tornado motors to find.

DSCN1454.JPG (44646 bytes)

9.  Early K&O Mercury. Often comes on a small wooden boat. Very small.  Says Mercury on the back plate but really doesn't look much like a real Mercury.  Pretty rare.

K&O early Mercury.jpg (20905 bytes)

10. K&O PheasantThis is the exact same motor as the early version of the Tornado above.  The only difference is that it's painted white and has the Pheasant decal on it.  Not sure if K&O made this version or someone else.  Thank you to Don Srybash for the picture.

Don Srayabsh Pheasant toyoutboard.jpg (246126 bytes)

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