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1.  Mark Cigarette Lighter. Turn the handle and the top pops open with a flame!  Well made.  This one doesn't have the original metal stand.  Pretty hard to find.

Mark cigarette lighter.JPG (30458 bytes)

2.  Cruiser AM Radio. Carburetor knob changes channels!  Plastic.  The two I've had didn't work well.  Nice metal stand.  Pretty hard to find.

Cruiser radio.JPG (33097 bytes)

3.  Swank Drink Mixer in it's original box.  They must have sold a million of these.  They are very common and not hard to find.  Many still have the original box and battery.

Swank Drink mixer in box.JPG (35306 bytes)

4.  Swank Drink Mixer in glass.  Notice that the propeller is facing straight down to mix the drink instead of sideways.

Swank drink mixer in glass.JPG (29364 bytes)

5.  Scott-Atwater Christmas Ornament (red).  Have they gone too far?  There is also a gold colored one.

Scott-Atwater Christmas ornament.JPG (30190 bytes)

6.  Mercury Zoom.  Fun motor.  Turn it on and a speaker plays the sounds of a real outboard motor while the propeller spins and moves the boat!  Cool item!

Mercury Zoom.JPG (26214 bytes)

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