This is where the History of Toy outboards began, long before K&O and Fleetline were ever thought up.  I'm still amazed at how well made and inventive some of the designs were.  The Orkin Craft Outboard, a windup motor, is especially well made and looks great.  The ingenious design of the LePage using electric coils becomes the first battery operated toy outboard motor in history.

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1. 1920s Orkin Craft windup (side)
1920s Orkin Craft windup (rear)
This is a great motor!  It looks like a 1920s Johnson and is a great motor to have. It's also very large.  I'm looking for the Orkin Craft outboard boat it went on.  It's a windup that came with a giant key.  It will run something like three minutes long when wound up.  Caution:  if you get one of these don't run them out of the water, they need the water for resistance or the spring will break!

1920s OrkinCraft side.JPG (31535 bytes) 1920s Orkin Craft rear.JPG (34548 bytes)

2. 1920s Orkin Craft Outboarder
Reproduction boat scratch built by Mark
1920s Orkin Craft outboard motor on reproduction boat.
There is a all metal boat like this one that I would love to own.  If you find one please let me know.  It may come with a little driver like this one.

1920s Orkin Craft on boat.JPG (41352 bytes) 1920s Orkin Craft on boat2.JPG (31148 bytes)

3. 1920s Johnson Sea Horse windup toy outboard:  
1920s Johnson windup is
Another great windup outboard motor from the 1920s.  These motors were made by a company called Benoliels, Inc., from Chicago, Illinois.  The box claims that the motor was made under an exclusive contract with Johnson Motors Company.  The motor says "Johnson Sea Horse" on the back and the decal looks just like the one on a real motor.  These were sold with a wooden boat called the Sea Puppy.  Came in a great box for it's time.

Johnson toy windup.jpg (79373 bytes)  Johnson toy windup1.jpg (71089 bytes) Johnson toy windup2.jpg (63396 bytes)  Johnson toy windup3.jpg (67381 bytes) Johnson toy windup5.jpg (55025 bytes) Johnson toy windup6.jpg (67454 bytes)  Johnson toy windup7.jpg (75560 bytes)  Johnson toy windup8.jpg (71638 bytes) Johnson toy windup9.jpg (75377 bytes)  Johnson toy windup10.jpg (71851 bytes)  Johnson toy windup11.jpg (66204 bytes) 100_2358.jpg (895980 bytes)  Johnson windup box.jpg (787739 bytes) Johnson windup.jpg (1344015 bytes)  Johnson windup1.jpg (1309754 bytes)  Johnson windup2.jpg (1255153 bytes)   1920s Johnson windup side.JPG (26213 bytes) 1920s Johnson windup.JPG (21852 bytes)

4. 1920s Evinrude windup
1920s Evinrude windup (rear)
Another great motor.  Extremely bulky and heavy the neat feature to this somewhat ugly motor is the small wooden "knuckle buster" handle used to wind the motor up!  The handle on the top that sticks out is the stopper so that you can wind the motor up without it running.  You then release the handle which allows the spring to unwinde and the motor to run. 
The pictures here are with the motor on it's original boat.  

1920s Evinrude side.JPG (36511 bytes) 1920s Evinrude windup.JPG (22330 bytes)  EV1.jpg (47598 bytes)  EV2.jpg (40145 bytes)  EV3.jpg (34288 bytes)  EV9.jpg (50214 bytes)  EV13.jpg (39527 bytes)  EV5.jpg (35429 bytes)  EV6.jpg (36364 bytes)  EV8.jpg (57145 bytes)

5. 1920s Seaworthy Boats windup.  This is the same motor as the Evinrude windup above except without the Evinrude name on it.  

Evinrude wind up.jpg (23916 bytes)  Evinrude windup.jpg (15724 bytes)

6. 1920s Lindstrom windup 
1920s Lindstrom windup (rear)
Lindstrom was a company from Connecticut that made many toys including toy boats and motors.  They are not rare but neat to have.

1920s Lindstrom top.JPG (45900 bytes) 1920s Lindstrom .JPG (25593 bytes) 

7. 1920s Lindstrom boat with outboard
An example of a Lindstom on a toy Lindstrom boat.

1920s Lindstom boat.JPG (13908 bytes)  

8. 1920s LePage (side).  The first battery powered toy outboard! Uses an ingenious method of door bell coils that pulled in a camshaft!  Incredible.  Unfortunately, the boat is extremely ugly, metal and heavy but it's still a piece of toy outboard history.  Not that rare, believe it or not.  The outboard was also manufactured with four coils which is harder to find. The gears are exposed in the lower unit. 
1920s LePage (top) View of flywheel and mechanism.
1920s LePage on original boat. The boat has a blue metal battery box in the middle.

LePage boat and motor.jpg (770895 bytes)  1920s LePage side.JPG (20027 bytes) 1920s LePage top.JPG (36271 bytes)
1920s LePage on boat.JPG (17721 bytes)

9. 1920s LePage 4 coil battery operated motor.  Much rarer than the LePage two coil above.  It used the same principal of using a coil to move the drive shaft.  Great design for the times!

Lepage 4 coil.jpg (25283 bytes)  Lepage 4 coil1.jpg (27289 bytes)  Lepage 4 coil2.jpg (34613 bytes)  Lepage 4 coil4.jpg (28543 bytes)  Lepage 4 coil3.jpg (37551 bytes)

10. 1920s windup (Lindstrom?)
1920s windup on original wooden boat.  A piece of toy outboard history. I'm not positive who made it.  The boat is small with very little detail.

1920s windup.JPG (25679 bytes) 1920s windup on boat.JPG (12857 bytes)

11. 1940s Irwin windup
1940s Irwin windup on original boat

1930s Irwin.JPG (26422 bytes) 1930s Irwin on boat.JPG (13420 bytes)

12. 1920s Pull Cord Windup.  This is a really neat motor.  I'm not sure who made it.  If anyone knows please email me the information.  The cool part about this motor is that there's a pull cord (the red knob) that when you pull it you wind the motor!  Cool!

Old outboard.jpg (25405 bytes)  Old outboard5.jpg (25597 bytes)  Old Outboard1.jpg (20863 bytes)  Old outboard2.jpg (27376 bytes)  Old outboard3.jpg (21671 bytes)  Old Outboard4.jpg (21252 bytes)

13. 1920s Boucher steam powered outboard.  Definitely one of the coolest toy outboard motors ever made this motor came on the Boucher Polly Wog boat.  Inside the boat was a steam boiler that sent hot steam through a pipe to the outboard motor to make it work.  Awesome!  

3545.JPG (169753 bytes)  3569.JPG (350677 bytes)  3575.JPG (234214 bytes)  3546.JPG (145677 bytes)  3539.JPG (85852 bytes)  3568.JPG (218466 bytes)

14. Boucher Steam Outboard motor VIDEO!  Watch the steam outboard actually run!  This is being run on compressed air instead of steam but it's still a cool demonstration of a very old toy outboard motor!

CharliePittBoucherSteam.jpg (23711 bytes)

15. 1949-1952(?) Johnson toy windupBelieved to have been made in Italy. Very interesting and very rare motor.  I've only seen two of these in all the years I've been collecting. The motor is wound up through a hole in the top of the cowl by the small key shown in the first picture.  Great gear driven system in the lower unit and just a neat looking motor.  The first picture shows a complete mint motor.  The other pictures show one bought off Ebay that has the lower unit casing missing and is not mint.
Thanks to Blaise Vezie and Denny Cole for the great pictures.

Johnson-ItalianUnknown.jpg (14658 bytes)  WindupJohnson001.jpg (43146 bytes)  WindupJohnson002.jpg (41196 bytes)  WindupJohnson003.jpg (37402 bytes)  WindupJohnson004.jpg (31157 bytes)  WindupJohnson005.jpg (40389 bytes)  WindupJohnson006.jpg (41587 bytes)  WindupJohnson007.jpg (39889 bytes)  WindupJohnson008.jpg (35850 bytes)  WindupJohnson009.jpg (37774 bytes)  WindupJohnson010.jpg (31864 bytes)  WindupJohnson011.jpg (40744 bytes)  WindupJohnson012.jpg (40098 bytes)  WindupJohnson013.jpg (32272 bytes)  WindupJohnson014.jpg (39834 bytes)  WindupJohnson015.jpg (34778 bytes)  WindupJohnson016.jpg (33463 bytes)  WindupJohnson017.jpg (33372 bytes)

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