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Hofmann Engineering
You can reach Ron at:

All shipping First Class is Free!  Priority mail add $4. Prices as of June 2012.
Reproduction parts and tools for K&O:

K&O Two bladed prop: Reproduction props for K&O toy outboard motors made from 1952 to 1962. All stainless steel, price is only $45 each.

PROP2Blade.JPG (31907 bytes)  PROP2blade1.JPG (29413 bytes) PROP2bladeB.JPG (32207 bytes)

K&O Three bladed props:  Reproduction 3 blade props also from 1952 to 1962 K&O toy outboard motors.  Stainless steel.  Email Ron for details.  Price is only $55 each.

PROP3Blade.JPG (29942 bytes)  PROP3BladeA.JPG (30449 bytes) PROP3BladeB.JPG (33920 bytes)

K&O Transom screws and cups: These are new Reproduction Transom screws and cups made for the K&O motors. They are stainless steel with split ends like the originals. The price is $12.00 per pair and FREE shipping, buy 10 sets and get 5% discount, Buy 20 sets and get 10% discount.

Transomscrews.JPG (22210 bytes)  Transomscrews1.JPG (23548 bytes)

K&O 1957 Buccaneer 25 HP Side Plates: Side plates for the K&O Gale Buccaneer Motor, These are almost always missing from the motors as they were glued on and fall off with age. Only $24 for the pair!

Buccaneersideplates.jpg (19261 bytes)

K&O Prop Wrench: When working on the K&O motors this is a must for replacing props or adjusting the end play in the lower unit gears. This wrench has 2 sizes to fit the .160 old nuts and the .190 newer size nuts.  Only $7 each!

PropWrench.jpg (18513 bytes)

K&O Bearing wrench:  A must have tool if you want to work on the lower units of your K&O motor.  $18 each.

Hofmann bearing wrenchA.jpg (19933 bytes)  Hofmann bearing wrenchA1.jpg (22001 bytes)

K&O Mercury Mark 55 wrap around for the cowl:  Made by Mark and Ron these are really incredible reproduction wrap arounds.  They were made exactly the same way as the original K&O motors and look great.  They will fit all of the K&O Mercury Mark 55 cowls from 1955 to 1957.  The original wrap arounds are usually badly tarnished.  These will really make your motor look like new again!  The motor in the picture has the new one on it.

MercCowl001.jpg (126928 bytes)  MercCowl002.jpg (126250 bytes)
MercCowl003.jpg (125153 bytes)  MercCowl004.jpg (126159 bytes)

Joe Cain's Reproduction K&O boxes and Fork Terminals and Wires:
Contact Joe at: 

K&O Reproduction Boxes:  A great reproduction box that fits most of the full scale K&O motors.  The quality is excellent and really adds to the look and appearance of your motor.  These boxes won't work with the wider K&O V-4 motors.  For those motors use the larger boxes below.  The real boxes are very expensive, sometimes going for more than $100 by themselves.  Joe's prices are very, very low.  Contact him for more details at:

Prices when I put this page together: $2.99 each plus shipping!  Now, that's


Boxes13a.jpg (49197 bytes)  Decal_Merc800a.jpg (35371 bytes)
Boxes8a.jpg (31298 bytes) Boxes3a.jpg (34014 bytes) Joe Cain reproduction Box1.jpg (29915 bytes)

LARGE K&O Reproduction boxes:  These are the same great quality as the boxes above, except that these will be able to hold your wider OMC V-4 motors.  These are terrific!  The box is not cheaply made.  You can feel how well made they are.  The cardboard is thick and strong.  These will easily fit the Evinrude and Johnson 1958 to 1962 50 HP to 75 HP motors!  To buy an original K&O box could cost you over $100 so these are a steal!  Joe's prices are very, very low.  Contact him for more details at:

Prices when I put this page together: $2.99 each plus shipping!  Now, that's cheap!!!

lg_LgBox1.jpg (97375 bytes)  lg_LgBox3.jpg (101520 bytes) lg_LgBox4.jpg (108477 bytes)  lg_LgBox5.jpg (109654 bytes) lg_LgBox2.jpg (96951 bytes)  lg_LgBox6.jpg (97725 bytes)

Reproduction fork terminal and wire for the Smaller K&O toy outboards: A reproduction fork terminal/wire for the K&O toy outboard.  As you can see from the pictures it's made for K&O models that have the two smaller individual wires.  All materials are new and made as close as possible to the original.

A complete set consist of:  2 white wires, 2 fork terminals w/red & blue shrink tube.  The wires will be long enough to allow for connection to the motor and for the security loop which prevents someone from pulling the wire loose from the electric motor.  Each wire will be approximately 10" from tip of terminal to the end of wire.  Since the original wires weren't soldered to the terminal, Joe compress the terminal to secure the wire.

Joe prefers to supply the complete set, but can supply just the terminals, or just the wire.  Please contact Joe for pricing at:

FYI: Joe intends to make the larger scale wire and terminal fork in the near future so keep checking here.


terminal1.jpg (120920 bytes)  terminal8.jpg (68980 bytes)
terminal9.jpg (104050 bytes)  terminal12.jpg (47736 bytes)
terminal10.jpg (66565 bytes)  terminal2.jpg (100597 bytes)
terminal6.jpg (92188 bytes)  terminal7.jpg (55817 bytes)

LARGE Scale Reproduction Fork Terminals for K&O outboard motors:  These are for the larger K&O toy outboard motors.  The terminals above are for the small scale motors like the 1958 Evinrude 35 HP.  These fork terminals are used on the larger scaled motors like the 1958 Evinrude 50 HP.  Use these terminals for all motors from 1954 to 1957 and the larger scale motors from 1958 to 1962.

Please contact Joe Cain for pricing at:

Term3.jpg (730943 bytes)  Term8.jpg (246553 bytes)


Bernie Wagers' reproduction decals:
Contact Bernie at:

K&O Reproduction decals:  Bernie Wagers has put together several good quality reproduction decals for some of the K&O motors.  Currently he has available the 1955 Evinrude Big Twin, the 1956 Evinrude Big Twin, the 1955 Johnson 25 HP; 1956 Johnson 30 HP and the 1957 Johnson 35 HP.  The price as of this posting is $25 for a complete set for one motor.  If you need decals this will certainly make your motor much more valuable.  The pictures here don't do them justice.  The motors in the pictures have the new decals on them.  They come on a full sheet like the ones in the pictures and are water applied.  You must first clear coat them before applying them and then after to keep them water proof.  Contact Bernie at: 

1955Evinrudeangle.jpg (135009 bytes)  55Evinrudefthofmann.jpg (121481 bytes)
1955evinrudeplastic.jpg (67121 bytes)  56EvinrudeHofmann.jpg (173727 bytes)
1956Evinrudeplastic.jpg (65678 bytes)  DSC00134.JPG (256522 bytes)
DSC00135.JPG (232971 bytes)  DSC00136.JPG (230445 bytes)
1956Johnsonplastic.jpg (68053 bytes)  1957Johnsonplastic.jpg (18546 bytes)
Rons57Johnson.JPG (130589 bytes)
  Rons57Johnson2.JPG (94089 bytes)
  DSC03470.JPG (135641 bytes)  DSC03473.JPG (125415 bytes)

Ron's reproduction stainless steel drive shaft springs:
Contact Ron at:

K&O reproduction steel drive shaft springs:  These are high quality reproduction drive shaft springs for K&O small motors like the Johnson, Evinrude and Gale 35 hp and 40 hp motors.  Also fits the generic motors like the Tornado and the Mermaid.  Ask Ron for details of what motor they fit.  The best part is that they are made of steel so they are strong!  They are 3 inches long and the spring is 090 x 011 x 3".
The price is great too, they're only $3.99 each! 
Contact Ron to purchase or for more information:

3spring001 (Large).jpg (56183 bytes)  3316_1.jpg (21237 bytes)
K&O Spring.jpg (8453 bytes)  K&O spring1.jpg (5565 bytes)

Russell Tate's Reproduction K&O and generic outboard Decals:




Email Russell at:  Decals(at) 

Russell Tate's K&O and Generic toy outboard decals:  Russell makes some really great decals for toy outboard motors.  You can even ask him to custom make decals for your motor.  Visit his website to see his great work.  Russell now has ever MORE decals!  Go to his site!

Email Russell at:  Decals(at)


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