Ted Maciag is an amazing maker of toy outboard engines as well as model engines for cars and planes.  Up until now Ted has made three amazing one-third scale working gas engine replica outboard motors.  The first one he made was the single cylinder Clarke Troller.  Then, he made the twin cylinder Clarke Troller.  Then, in 2006, he came out with the Elto Cub.  Each one of these motors is a masterpiece of engineering.  All of his motors actually work.  See the video of the Elto Cub's engine running!

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1. 1939 Elto Cub:  
Limited Edition.  Only 60 made!  The Elto Cub sold for $800 in 2006 and is worth much more than that today.
This amazing gas powered motor is an exact replica in one-third scale of the famous Elto Cub, the smallest outboard made at one half horsepower. The top picture is actually a video of the motor running!  The next set of pictures are of the motors being assembled.  After that are pictures of the finished motor.  
The next set of pictures are of the Elto Cub and the wonderful Elto Cub Display stand made by Denny Cole that's a must to own if you have one of these motors.  It's an exact one-third replica of the real display stand used at the dealerships to sell these motors.  They are also numbered to match the numbered Elto Cubs and are very colorful.  It really adds to the motor and makes for a great conversation piece in  your display area.

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2. Clarke Troller twin cylinder:  This was the second gas outboard motor that Ted came out with.  It's a one-third scale working gas model of  the famous Clarke Troller TWIN cylinder!  This is an awesome piece.  Only about 60 of these were made and originally sold for about $1,000.  They are worth much more now.  The unique part of the real Clarke Troller was that the motor was in the lower unit and not on top!  It was always underwater!  Amazingly, the replica's motor is also in the lower unit!
Notice the size of these motors in the two pictures.  It dwarfs the 1958 K&O Johnson and the IMP motors.  Thanks to Joe Cain for the pictures.

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3.  Clarke Troller single cylinder:  This was the first motor that Ted made.  It's an incredible replica of the famous single cylinder Clarke Troller.  The engine was in the lower unit and not above the water and so is Ted's scale model of it.  The running gas motor is incredible.  There were only about 56 of these made so they are extremely rare and expensive if you can find one for sale.

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