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1. Ito Dragon boat.  Very rare from 1940s-50s. Eyes on Dragon light up!

Ito Dragon boat.JPG (29840 bytes)

2. Ito Dragon boat. View from top.

Ito Dragon (top).JPG (26965 bytes)

3. Ito Dragon boat.  View of stern.  Two propellers.

Ito Dragon boat (stern).JPG (23606 bytes)

4.  Ito King. This is a very rare 1947 Ito King because it's the only known King boat to have the name "Lady Norma" on it.

Ito King (side).JPG (20753 bytes)

5.  Ito King (Inside the boat.  Notice the three engines.)

Ito King (3 engines).JPG (40441 bytes)

6.  Ito King (rear view).

Ito King (rear).JPG (28965 bytes)

7.  Lionel I-44 wind up race boat.  Yes, this is a Lionel Train company boat called Lionel Craft.  It's all metal, made in 1935 and a windup motor.  This particular boat is a reproduction from 1989.

Lionel I-44 .JPG (17848 bytes)

8.  Lionel I-44 racing boat (top view).

Lionel I-44 top view.JPG (19984 bytes)

9.  Lionel runabout.  This is an original Lionel Runabout from 1935.  All metal, windup in original condition.

Lionel runabout.JPG (18270 bytes)

10.  Orkin Craft Speedboat. 1920s all metal windup.

Orkin Craft speedboat.JPG (21832 bytes)
11.  Orkin Craft Speedboat. (top view).

Orkin Craft speedboat (top).JPG (27936 bytes)

12.  Chris Craft Cobra. Dumas kit built by Mark Fitch. Radio Controlled with lights.

Chris Craft Cobra.JPG (23840 bytes)

13.  Chris Craft Cobra. (rear view).

Chris craft Cobra (rear).JPG (31525 bytes)

14.  Ferrari Racing Hydroplane. Amati kit built by Mark Fitch.  Radio Controlled.

Ferrari race boat.JPG (20998 bytes) Ferrari race boat (rear).JPG (34393 bytes)

15.  Riva Aquarama. Amati kit built by Mark Fitch.  Radio Controlled with lights.

Riva Aquarama.JPG (29052 bytes)

16.  Riva Aquarama. (Interior)

Riva Aquarama interior.JPG (28772 bytes)

17.  Riva Aquarama. (rear view).

Riva Aquarama (rear).JPG (33213 bytes)

18.  Riva Aquarama. (R/C layout).

Riva Aquarama (RC).JPG (46220 bytes)

19.  Orkin Craft Cabin Cruiser.  This all metal windup boat was available in the late 1920s and early 1930s and is huge.  It's got a huge wind up motor qthat's wound up with a large key though the deck.  Very collectable boat.  This one was restored by Bill Arick.
2nd- A close-up of the cockpit 

DSCN1564.JPG (29984 bytes) DSCN1600.JPG (29741 bytes)

20.  Orkin Craft Water Taxi. This was offered in the late 1920s and early 1930s.  This boat has an all wooden hull with a metal cabin. It has a huge windup motor.  This boat was expertly restored by Bill Arick.  I wish I had a before picture to show you.  I found this boat in a flea market and it was a wreck!  It had the wooden hull and cabin but all of the trim pieces and motor were missing.  At least 50 percent of the paint was missing.  I almost threw it out but figured I'd give Bill a crack at it.  I still can't believe it's the same boat!  Man, Bill can really restore a boat!
2nd- Close-up of the cabin.

DSCN1565.JPG (24390 bytes) DSCN1598.JPG (28467 bytes)

21.  Dumas Dauntless model boat.  This huge model boat kit was expertly assembled by Mark Fitch.  It is completely remote controlled with twin engines, has working lights everywhere including running lights and inside the cabin, and a rotating radar antenna!  Mark did an unbelievable job with this boat!  The detail work is phenomenal!  He is truly a master model builder.
2nd- Close-up of the cockpit.  Notice the incredible detail that was added like the chart on the seat.  Great job Mark!

DSCN1568.JPG (35067 bytes) DSCN1571.JPG (37693 bytes)

22.  My Basement Wall

DSCN0028.jpg (67549 bytes) DSCN0029.JPG (81995 bytes)

23. Rocket Boat.  This is the one boat I would LOVE to own.  It's been very illusive for me to get.  They are very rare but I've seen several over the past few years.  This is the Inboard version.  They also made an outboard version.  This one has a single engine running two props. The little lights on the front of the sponsons light up! One of the best looking toy boats of all time!  I want one!  

RocketBoat1.jpg (39775 bytes)  RocketBoat2.jpg (27827 bytes)   RocketBoat3.jpg (40525 bytes)  RocketBoat4.jpg (25828 bytes)  RocketBoat5.jpg (36661 bytes)  RocketBoat6.jpg (65331 bytes)

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