I know this is a toy outboard motor site but I couldn't resist adding this incredible radio controlled model of the famous World War 2 Japanese Battleship Yamato.  The Yamato was, and still is, the largest battleship ever built.  It was much larger than any other including the German, British and American ships.  The second largest battleship in history is the German Tirpitz at 52,000 tons displacement.  The Yamato was 72,809 tons!  Our own battleships were only 46,700 tons!

The Yamato was sunk, with 2,498 members of her crew, on April 7,1945 by US Aircraft Carrier planes.  280 were saved.  It took over 10 torpedoes and innumerable bombs to sink her.

This model was built for me by my close friend Mario from the Nichimo model kit, which is advertised as the "world's largest plastic model ship" by the company.  It's Four and a half feet long!  The model is in 1/200 scale.  Mario did much more than just build the kit, he improved on every area of it.  The gun turrets turn, the dual rudders work, the whole superstructure is lighted, there are engine sounds and the sounds of 18 inch guns firing, even the smoke stack works!  In addition, he's added an unbelievable amount of detail taken from photos of the original battleship.  This model is nothing short of a work of art.  I've included two short movie clips of it in action.  One taken on a large lake in heavy seas and another in a pool doing battle with her Mario's sister ship.  Make sure your speakers are on to hear the guns and engines!




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