These are newly made motors and are still available 

They are the most detailed toy outboards ever made and reasonably priced.  These are display models only and not meant for water.  The display stand is a really cool feature with batteries in the bottom of the stand so that when you press the small button the motor starts to run!

Click on an image to enlarge.

1. Alterscale 1990 Johnson GT 300 in White.  This is the huge V8 engine that OMC came out with for large offshore fishing boats and for racing boats.  The Alterscale motor represents the racing motor.  Great detail and the best looking of the OMC V8 motors.Alterscale Johnson white.JPG (21548 bytes)
2. Alterscale 1990 Johnson GT 300 in Gray.  Replica of the 8 cylinder 300 HP engine.  This is the first outboard motor made by Alterscale.Alterscale Johnson Gray.JPG (22805 bytes)
3. Alterscale 1991 Evinrude XP 300. This is the Evinrude V8 motor.  Incredible detail includes the water pickup holes on the bottom of the bullet!  There is also and extremely limited edition Danbury Mint version of this motor.  The box is and power head distinguish that one.Alterscale Evinrude.JPG (21009 bytes)
4. Alterscale 1991 Evinrude XP 300, Counter Rotating limited edition engine.  Limited edition.  Looks just like the motor above except it has a special decal on the front of the cowl to distinguish it AND it has a Left hand propeller and spins in the opposite direction, just like the real motor!Alterscale Evinrude Counter rotating.JPG (21575 bytes)
5. Alterscale 1997 Mercury 2.5 L EFI 225 HP with Chrome lower unit.   7" tall; 1:9 Scale; Chrome lower unit;  Includes full powerhead detail under the cowl  A neat, highly detailed motor that runs.  Notice the chrome lower unit which distinguishes it from the 150 HP below.  Only 400 made and is now sold out.Alterscale Mercury 225 HP.JPG (23212 bytes)
6. Alterscale 1997 Mercury 150 HP Pro Max EFI   Note the black paint on the lower unit instead of the chrome.  The cowl comes off revealing a highly detailed power head. Only 350 were made!Alterscale Mercury 150 HP.JPG (22601 bytes)
7. Alterscale 1997 Mariner 2.5L EFI 225 HP.  Gray; metal;  7" tall; 1:9 Scale; Chrome lower unit;  Includes full powerhead detail under the cowlThis is the same as the Mercury motor, except with a gray paint job and decals. Rarer than the Mercury motors.  Only 250 made and is now sold out.Alterscale Mariner 225 Hp.JPG (26766 bytes)
8. Alterscale Telmex racing motor.  This motor uses the graphics from the famous Telmex racing Formula 1 tunnel boat.  Interesting story behind this motor is that Telmex uses Mercury outboards but Mercury wouldn't allow Alterscale to paint one of their motors in a color or decal scheme other than what was used as they were sold.  At the time, OMC was in the midst of and pre-occupied with bankruptcy.  So it was decided to use the Evinrude V8 model omitting all OMC trademarks.  Note that only Telmex sponsor logos appear on the model.  No OMC marks are used.  
Alterscale Telmex.JPG (25294 bytes)
9. Alterscale Telmex racing motor (rear view). Has great graphics.  You have to love the Speedy Gonzalez on the back of the cowl!  Alterscale Telmex rear.JPG (26300 bytes)
10. Alterscale Johnson Racing motor.  This is a custom motor made from the Alterscale motor.  Has the Johnson racing decal on the side.  I had Ric Keller make a special Johnson Racing decal up based on a real decal and Jack Browning put it on the motor. Cool looking!Alterscale Johnson racing.JPG (21185 bytes)
11. Alterscale Johnson Racing decal
Close up of decal.
Alterscale Johnson racing decal.JPG (30220 bytes)
NEW 12. 1957 Mercury Mark 75H This is the newest addition for Alterscale and WOW!  The best yet! If you can only afford one Alterscale motor get this one.  It came two ways, Marlin Blue and Sunset Orange.  The Marlin Blue is a limited edition with only 285 made. It sold out in three weeks.  Both come with a highly detailed power head and the pull cord works! Hit the button and watch it run.  Great motor!Mark 75Hmerc_faceplate.JPG (46926 bytes) Mark-75H.JPG (40493 bytes) Mark-75H-blue.JPG (45582 bytes) Mark-75H-mod.JPG (38291 bytes)
1957 Mercury Mark 75H in Marlin Blue. This is a beautiful motor in a neat color.  The cowl is Marlin Blue and the lower unit is Gulf Blue. These pictures show the incredible detail of the engine under the cowl.  Only 285 motors were made and sold out in 3 weeks! Notice the spinning prop in picture one. Thanks to Joe Cain for the pictures!Alterscale_exposed1.jpg (52995 bytes)  Alterscale_Exposed2.jpg (55024 bytes)  Alterscale_exposed3jpg.jpg (28896 bytes)  Alterscale Mark 75 blue1.jpg (29090 bytes)
1957 Mercury Mark 75H RACING VERSION: This version was never made by Alterscale but is a great creation of Richard Billhartz who removed the cowls and wrap around chrome to make a true racing version of this motor.mk7.5 006.jpg (118334 bytes)
1957 Mercury Mark 75 in Charcoal color.   The 1957 Mercury Mark 75, like the Mark 55 and others, came in a variety of colors.  One of which was the charcoal version.  Alterscale did a wonderful job with this motor capturing all the details of this awesome ground breaking motor. Only 275 of this color were produced by Alterscale.  Thanks to Joe Cain for the picture.

Alterscale Charcoal3a (Large).jpg (50379 bytes)

1958 Mercury Mark 75 in Burgundy. Some people don't know that Mercury also made the Mark 75 in 1958 too.  This is the burgundy version.  Only 500 were made.Alterscale Mark 75 burgundy 1958.jpg (28528 bytes)
1957 Mercury Mark 75 in Sunset Orange! This is extremely rare!  In fact, this is the rarest Alterscale ever made.  There were only 65 ever made!  They were only supposed to go to the top people at Mercury but a few made there way into collector's  hands.  I have one and love it!Alterscale Mark75 RED.jpg (35219 bytes)  Alterscale Mark75 RED front.jpg (44058 bytes)  
1957 Mercury Mark 55 in Sarasota Blue and Quicksilver Green. A truly nice motor in cool colors.  Only 275 of the Sarasota Blue were made and is sold out.  Also made in the Quicksilver Green color and only 500 of those were made. Thanks to Joe Cain for the pictures!Alterscale1957Mercury.jpg (35280 bytes)  Alterscale Green Mark 55 (Large).jpg (50136 bytes)
13.  Alterscale stand.
Great new stand that comes with all of the Alterscale outboard motors. Small batteries are hidden in the base of the stand.  By pushing a small black button on the top of the base makes the motor run!  The Alterscale props can really spin!  Great idea and it works perfectly!  A wonderful engineering job to get the tiny medal clips on the stand to automatically line up with the clips on the motor.
Stand-only-Alterscale.jpg (23235 bytes)
14. Alterscale 1956 Mark 55H in blue and greenThese two motors came out around 2007 and are wonderful!  They have the Quicksilver lower unit, electric motor that spins the prop with the batteries in the stand, and rope pull handles that pull out and retract.  The 65th Anniversary emblem clips onto the front.  Only 275 of the green were made and only 150 of the blue!Alterscale 1956 Mark 55H.jpg (118836 bytes)
15. Alterscale 1956 Mercury Mark 55H with Quincy racing pipesThis is a great motor!  It shows how the real racing motors would have looked in the 1950s.  A company named Quincy came out with a lot of racing accessories for outboard motors.  One was to add racing stacks to the exhaust to cut down on back pressure. If you heard one in person you wouldn't believe how loud they were, which didn't make them popular with neighborhoods on the water!  This came out in 2008 and only 200 were made.  Comes only in Sunset Orange with Sand Tan lower unit.Alterscale Mark 55H QuincyPipes.jpg (357598 bytes)
16. Denny Cole collection of Alterscale motors and displayThis is Denny Cole's wonderful display of his Alterscale toy outboard motor collection.  This is an older picture and doesn't have the most recent motors on it.  Great job!Alterscale20Set (Large).jpg (116377 bytes)
17.  1956 Mercury Mark 30H:  Another great motor from Alterscale!  This is the awesome Mercury Mark 30H racing motor.  The real motors were used on Class 'C' hydroplanes and were real screamers!  I have one in my collection and they are beautiful and FAST!  The Alterscale version is a perfect replica of the real motor and it runs too!  1956Mark30H (Large).jpg (41837 bytes)

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