Advertising is the cornerstone of our Capitalistic society and toys were no exception.  On this page I hope to capture a little bit of a feel for what the public was seeing and how the manufacturers were selling their toys in the early days.  If you have any that you would like to contribute to this page please email the pictures to me with a description and I'll try and get them on for you to share.

I want to thank Scott Smith for all of the initial pictures on this page.  

K&O Outboards

1.K&O Outboard ads.  There wasn't a lot of toy outboard motor ads for K&O but there are a few.  K&O had a tendency to use pictures of real motors rather than their toys in their ads.  You can see that in the 1960 Johnson ad where both the 75 and 40 horespower motors are real motors.  Perhaps the toys weren't ready for sale when the ads were ready for publication or maybe the real motor looked better.  Many of the ads are directed to one manufacturer like the Johnson ad and were used to help their dealerships.  Most ads have a Fleetline boat in it.FleetlineJohnsonJobber1 (Small).jpg (29311 bytes)  FleetlineJohnsonJobber2 (Small).jpg (32945 bytes)

Fleetline Boats

1. Fleetline Marine,  Fleetline had quite a few different ads.  Most had the K&O toy outboards in them and some only promoted their inboard boats like the Sea Wolf.  They often showed their neat display stands that dealerships and toy stores had for their boats.  These stands were great ways to get the kid's attention.FleetlineJohnsonJobber2 (Small).jpg (32945 bytes)  FL757 (Small).jpg (39189 bytes)
KOTBolt556 (Small).jpg (60077 bytes)

Gas Outboards
1. Coming Soon!   Coming Soon!

Generic Toy Boats and Motors

1. Generic boats and motors.  The generic ads really run the gambit because there was so many toy boat manufacturers and dealers as well as the toy store ads themselves.  Most are black and white but a few, like the Wico ads, were in bright colors.SterMont55 (Small).jpg (43264 bytes)  SterlingDart (Small).jpg (61195 bytes)
CavaCraft56 (Small).jpg (82319 bytes)  CavCrft654 (Small).jpg (70916 bytes)
CavaCraft56 (Small).jpg (82319 bytes)  CraftModels (Small).jpg (29910 bytes)
DumasA (Small).jpg (48367 bytes)  DynaModelA (Small).jpg (71329 bytes)
Calif54 (Small).jpg (33246 bytes)  Mitsuwa (Small).jpg (42813 bytes)
Wico1 (Small).jpg (44490 bytes)  Wico2 (Small).jpg (48691 bytes)

Real Boats

1. Real Boat ads.  Again, there are an almost unlimited number of ads for real boats.  There's no way to put them all here so I'll put a sampling of them in this section.cadillacb57001.jpg (48085 bytes)

Real Outboards

1. Real Outboard motor ads.  There are an almost unlimited number of ads for real outboard motors.  Outboard manufacturers used magazines, both boating and regular magazines, as advertising tools to great advantage.  They often paid the big money to get on the back cover or the insides of the front and back cover.  It's not unusual to find a magazine with an Evinrude back cover and a Mercury inside front cover.cadillacb58005t.jpg (10481 bytes)

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