Evinrude was the second company that K&O started to produce starting with the 1953 25 HP Big Twin.  The motors are very realistic looking and used the same paints as the real motors.

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1.  1953 Evinrude 25 HP Big Twin.  The chrome piece that holds the Evinrude decal is not a separate piece.  Instead it's part of the cowl but just not painted.  The  1954 has a separate chrome piece riveted on.

Evin25.JPG (31152 bytes)

2.  Another 1953 Evinrude 25 HP Big Twin.  Notice the notch in the metal just below the cowl. The 1954 motor doesn't have that notch.

1953Evinrude_stand.jpg (137581 bytes)  1953 Evin25hp.JPG (56823 bytes)

3.  1954 Evinrude 25 HP Big Twin.  Extremely easy to find.  Along with the 1954 Johnson, probably the easiest motors to find.  Millions of them were made and sold in toy and hobby shops.  They were also given out as Christmas gifts to OMC employees and dealerships.  The cardboard box is a replica of the shipping carton that the motor came in.  Thanks to Joe Cain for the first picture.

1954Evinrude_25HP.jpg (33967 bytes)  1954 Evin25hp.JPG (48816 bytes)  1954 Evinrude1.jpg (20997 bytes)  1954 EvinrudeA.jpg (28215 bytes)  1954 EvinrudeB.jpg (21169 bytes)  

4.  1955 Evinrude 25 HP Big Twin. Called the "Aquasonic" because of it's side decal which has a flying bird and the word "Aquasonic" under it.  The white paint is of poor quality and chips very easy.  The blue is of better quality. Many are repainted or touched up.  Neat looking box with the words "Whispering Power" on it. This motor has a special significance to me since the real motor was on my father's 1952 Lyman 16 foot outboard runabout when I was a kid.

1955EvinrudeA.jpg (61739 bytes)  1955Evinrude2a.jpg (69015 bytes)  1955Evinrude3a.jpg (46162 bytes)  1955 Evin25.JPG (47702 bytes)  Evinrude 1955.jpg (32873 bytes)  Evinrude 1955a.jpg (29887 bytes)  Evinrude 1955b.jpg (67735 bytes)

5.  1956 Evinrude 30 HP Big Twin.  A common motor.  Very easy to find along with the Johnson version.  Often found on Fleetline boats as part of a combo package. Notice the decals are block letters and above the black middle strip.  The front face plate is white.  Small red emblem on the side.  You can usually find these pretty cheap.  This motor had several small variations to it.  For example, some of the white bands were screwed in on the back.  Thanks to Joe Cain for the first picture.

1956Evinrude30HP.jpg (35516 bytes)  1956 Evin30Hp.JPG (39178 bytes)  emotor2.jpg (27762 bytes)  emotor3.jpg (30657 bytes)  emotor1.jpg (28827 bytes)  emotor4.jpg (23475 bytes)  Evinrude 1956c.jpg (29640 bytes)

6.  1957 Evinrude 35 HP Big Twin. My favorite as it's the first toy outboard I had as a kid.  Very common motor.  The "Evinrude" is in script which is an easy way to distinguish it from the others.  The white paint often has chips in it. The motor came with a white plastic K&O stand, instructions, the electrical connections for the boat and the box. Interesting note: The picture on the box is NOT of the Evinrude Big Twin 25 HP!  It's a picture of the 1957 Evinrude 18 HP Fastwin!  I wonder if K&O was going to make the Fastwin instead of the Big Twin?  Thanks to Joe Cain for the first picture.

1957Evinrude_35HP.jpg (32572 bytes)  1957 Evin35HP.JPG (48187 bytes)  evinrude2.jpg (95455 bytes)  evinrude11.jpg (91669 bytes)  evinrude13.jpg (102651 bytes)  evinrude22.jpg (129767 bytes)  evinrude1.jpg (105330 bytes)  e27c_3.jpg (317140 bytes)

7.  1958  Evinrude 35 HP Big Twin. The first year they made two motors for a manufacturer.  Very rare.  Only four and a half inches tall.  The transom brackets are poorly made and break easily if you tighten the screws too tight.  Darker blue than the 56 and 57 motors and block letter decals in the white in the middle of the cowl.  Nice colorful box.  Thanks go out to Joe Cain for the first picture.

1958Evinrude_35HP.jpg (35618 bytes)  1958 Evin35.JPG (41766 bytes)  1958 Evinrude 35 HP box1.jpg (30972 bytes)  1958 Evinrude 35 HP box2.jpg (68913 bytes)  1958 Evinrude 35 HP box3.jpg (53123 bytes)  Evinrude 1958 35.jpg (19389 bytes)  Evinrude 1958 35a.jpg (21600 bytes)  Evinrude 1958 35b.jpg (33411 bytes)  Evinrude 1958 35c.jpg (30731 bytes)

8.  1958 Evinrude 50 HP Starflight.  Not rare, but sought after because of it's unique design.  The first V-4 by OMC and says "Four Fifty" on the front decal.  A great looking motor.  It's often called the "Fat Fifty" because of it's shape.  There are two metal emblems on the back of the cowl that have a tendency to fall off so it's something to check for if you find one.  Thanks to Joe Cain for the first picture.

1958Evinrude_50HP.jpg (34047 bytes)  1958 Evin50Hp.JPG (36110 bytes)  Evinrude 1958.jpg (25376 bytes)  Evinrude 1958a.jpg (27367 bytes)  Evinrude 1958b.jpg (27361 bytes)  Evinrude 1958c.jpg (28002 bytes)  1958 Evinrude 50c.jpg (22661 bytes)  1958 Evinrude 50d.jpg (22544 bytes)

9.  1959 Evinrude 35 HP Lark.  Not rare but not common either.  Can be bought at a reasonable price because collectors don't seem to love this motor. I'm not sure why this is since it's a pretty neat looking motor.  1959 was the 50th Anniversary for Evinrude so this motor had special paint  colors and decals.  First year of the Evinrude Lark.  Thanks to Joe Cain for the first picture.

1959EvinrudeLark_35HP.jpg (30596 bytes)  1959 Evin35HP.JPG (42242 bytes)  1959 Evinrude 35.jpg (26371 bytes)  1959 Evinrude1.jpg (29968 bytes)  1959 Evinrude4.jpg (24020 bytes)  1959 Evinrude2.jpg (26278 bytes)  1959 Evinrude3.jpg (26289 bytes)  1959 Evinrude5.jpg (25472 bytes)  1959 Evinrude6.jpg (21846 bytes)  1959 Evinrude.jpg (23991 bytes)

10.  1959 Evinrude 50 HP Starflight.  50th Anniversary model with the special paint job.  Again, not loved by collectors and usually sells for a reasonable price.  Check these models carefully when buying because there are several tiny metal emblems that have a tendency to fall off.

59Starflite.jpg (303972 bytes)  59Starflite1.jpg (379167 bytes)  59Starflite2.jpg (465761 bytes)  1959 Evin50Hp.JPG (40697 bytes)  59 Evinrude 50e.jpg (27597 bytes)  59 Evinrude 50.jpg (32543 bytes)  59 Evinrude 50a.jpg (27740 bytes)  59 Evinrude 50b.jpg (24597 bytes)  59 Evinrude 50c.jpg (26928 bytes)  59 Evinrude 50d.jpg (28865 bytes)

11.  1960 Evinrude 40 HP Lark II.  EXTREMELY rare.  One of the hardest motors to find.  Always seems to be one of the last three motors that collectors are looking for.  The Evinrude decal on the side never seems to be straight for some reason.  Be careful with the front decal, it has a tendency to rub off!

Evinrude LarkIIa.jpg (37736 bytes)  1960 Evin40Hp.JPG (41944 bytes) 1960 Evinrude Fronta.jpg (21886 bytes) Evinrude 1960.jpg (25728 bytes)  Evinrude 1960a.jpg (29757 bytes)

12.  1960 Evinrude 75 HP Starflight.  Very rare, but not as rare as the 40 HP version.  Unique looking.  The side plate that holds the Evinrude decal never seems to look right because the word "Evinrude" is often crooked and not straight.  Be careful with the front decal, it has a tendency to rub off!

Starflite_II.jpg (145543 bytes)  1960 Evin75hp.JPG (37317 bytes)  1960 Evinrude 75.jpg (22164 bytes)  1960 Evinrude 75b.jpg (22099 bytes)  1960 Evinrude 75a.jpg (21701 bytes)

13.  1961 Evinrude 40 HP Lark III. Very rare, but not as rare as the 1960 and 1962 versions. Notice how the decals yellow over time, that's not a golden background but a clear background that has yellowed.  The transom brackets are very fragile on this motor.  If you can't afford this metal one, K&O made an excellent plastic version of this motor that you would be hard pressed to tell the difference from 5 feet away. Thanks to Joe Cain for the first picture.

1961-Evinrude-40HP-Lark-III.jpg (52021 bytes)  1961 Evin40hp.JPG (37866 bytes)  1961 Evinrude 40.jpg (24707 bytes)  1961 Evinrude 40a.jpg (32778 bytes)  1961 Evinrude 40b.jpg (27764 bytes)  1961 Evinrude 40c.jpg (32225 bytes)

14.  1961 Evinrude 75 HP Starflight.  Very rare.  Neat looking motor.  Looks a lot like the 1962 but the side decals are different and this one has a neat chrome wing with a red accent on the side of it.  It's an impressive looking engine with a dark charcoal like paint job.  Thanks to Joe Cain for first two pictures.

61Evinrude_1a.jpg (135291 bytes)  61Evinrude_3a.jpg (116979 bytes)  1961 Evin75hp.JPG (36362 bytes)

15.  1962 Evinrude 40 HP Lark IV. Extremely rare.  Last year for the K&O metal motors.  Has very weak transom brackets which tend to break.  Side decals have a tendency to fade if exposed to the sun.

Lark_IV.jpg (146906 bytes)  1962 Evin40hp.JPG (43454 bytes)

16.  1962 Evinrude 75 HP Starflight. Extremely rare but not as rare as the 40 HP version.  Often has decal problems with the side decals.  Because of it's large size the paint can be chipped easily.

1962 Evin75hp.JPG (42905 bytes)  1962 Evinrude 75.jpg (36455 bytes)  1962 Evinrude 75a.jpg (33519 bytes)  1962 Evinrude 75b.jpg (31025 bytes)

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