Virtually every K&O toy outboard motor came with an instruction sheet.  Most were unique to that particular motor but some used the same instruction sheet as a prior year to save money.  It's also not unusual to find a Mint In Box toy outboard that someone had since their childhood and it have the wrong sheet with it.  We must always remember that these were toys in the 1950s and not collectables.  K&O was not concerned about getting it right since the instructions themselves were almost all identical and the only thing that changed was the picture of the motor.

Important Note!

Some of the instruction sheets say "Operates from 3 to 6 volts."  This is fine and means that you can use two "AA" or "C" or "D" flashlight batteries for 3 volts or 4 batteries for 6 volts.  BUT, many of the instructions say "operates on 3 to 9 volts."  DON'T use 9 volts!  It will burn out the little electric motor inside the cowl in a very short time.  Don't go higher than 6 volts.  Also, don't let them run too long. Before trying to operate your motor after 50 years make sure that you add a little machine oil like "3 in 1" oil to the oil hole on the side of the motor to lubricate the gears and flex shafts.  Two or three good drops is enough or it will leak out the prop shaft.

I want to thank Scott Smith for going through a lot of trouble sending me and giving me permission to use his instruction sheets to get this page started.  Also Denny Cole for his tireless work scanning these instructions sheets.  Also,  Kevin Wells and others for helping out giving us their sheets.

Please, if you have a sheet that's not here please scan it and send it to my email address: 


1. Mercury Instruction sheets.  The Mercury instruction sheets followed the same basic format as the other manufacturers with a wiring diagram and short description on how to use the motor.
Note:  The 1958 Mark 78 used the Mark 75 sheet. The 1961 Merc 800 used the 1960 sheet.  The Merc 1000 actually had two different sheets, one with a white motor and the other with the correct black motor.  I haven't seen a sheet for the 1961 Merc 60.
1955 Mercury Mark 55 40hp Color Web.jpg (211358 bytes)  1956 Mercury Mark 55 40hp Web.jpg (81716 bytes)  1957 Mercury Mark 55E 40hp Web.jpg (83385 bytes)  KOMark75Inst (Small).jpg (71860 bytes)  1959 Mercury 22hp Web.jpg (92798 bytes)  1959 Mercury Mark 78A 70hp Web.jpg (72529 bytes)  1961 Mercury Merc800 80hp Web.jpg (78557 bytes)  1962 Mercury Merc1000 100hp Black Web.jpg (75821 bytes)  1962 Mercury Merc1000 100hp White Web.jpg (75774 bytes)  


1. Evinrude instruction sheets.  As you can see, the early instruction sheets were in color but the later ones were in black and white.
Note: The 1962 Evinrude motors, both the 40 HP and 75 HP, used the same sheets from 1961.
KOEvinrude1954Instruct (Small).jpg (58275 bytes)  1955 Evinrude Big Twin 25hp Color Web.jpg (92259 bytes)  KOEvinrude1956Instruct (Small).jpg (67688 bytes)  1957 Evinrude Big Twin 35hp Web.jpg (77623 bytes)  1958 Evinrude Big Twin 35hp Web.jpg (52582 bytes)  1958 Evinrude Starflite 50hp Web.jpg (94192 bytes)  1959 Evinrude Lark 35hp Web.jpg (50794 bytes)  1959 Evinrude Starflite 50hp Web.jpg (69200 bytes)  1960 Evinrude Lark II 40hp Web.jpg (55164 bytes)  1960 Evinrude Starflite II 75hp Web.jpg (66567 bytes)  1961 Evinrude Lark III 40hp Web.jpg (51834 bytes)  1961 Evinrude Starflite III 75hp Web.jpg (56899 bytes)


1. Johnson instruction sheets. Notice the picture in the first instruction sheet.  The motor doesn't have decals on it.  This is the earliest K&O instruction sheet I have ever come across for the name brand motors because it was probably used before K&O had acquired the rights to use the Johnson name.
Note:  There were two different instruction sheets for the 1956, one in color and one in black and white.  The 1960 40 HP used the 1959 35 HP sheet.  Both the 1962 motors used the same sheets from 1961.
KOJohnson1953Instruct (Small).jpg (55472 bytes)  1955 Johnson 25hp Sea Horse Color Web.jpg (144025 bytes)  1956 Johnson 30hp Color Web.jpg (275101 bytes)  1956 Johnson 30hp Web 2.jpg (75346 bytes)  57Johnson (Small).jpg (62509 bytes)  1958 Johnson 35hp Sea Horse Web.jpg (56041 bytes)  1958 Johnson 50hp Super Sea Horse Web.jpg (80167 bytes)  1959 Johnson 35hp Super Sea Horse Web.jpg (52774 bytes)  1959 Johnson 50hp Super Sea Horse Web.jpg (66402 bytes)  1960 Johnson 75hp Super Sea Horse Web.jpg (68509 bytes)  1960 Johnson V-75 Kit Grayscale Web.jpg (729811 bytes)  1961 Johnson 75hp Super Sea Horse Web.jpg (67070 bytes)  1961 Johnson Super 40hp Super Sea Horse Web.jpg (52770 bytes)


1. Scott-Atwater and Scott instruction sheets.  The same as most sheets from other manufacturers.1956 Scott-Atwater 33hp Web.jpg (40305 bytes)    1957 Scott-Atwater 40hp Web.jpg (78043 bytes)KOScott22Instructon (Small).jpg (70832 bytes)  1958 Scott-Atwater 25hp Web.jpg (49429 bytes)  K&OScott22k.jpg (40032 bytes)


1. Gale instruction sheets.  Since there were only two Gale motors made by K&O, the 1959 and 1960 Gale Sovereign, there isn't much here.

1957 Gale Buccaneer 25hp Web.jpg (85664 bytes)  1958 Gale Buccaneer 25hp Web.jpg (80880 bytes)  outboardmotor007 (Small).JPG (49396 bytes)  1960 Gale Sovereign 60hp Web.jpg (80267 bytes)


1. Buccaneer instruction sheets. Like the Gale sheets above, there were only two purely Buccaneer motors made by K&O, the 1957 and 1958 motors.1957 Gale Buccaneer 25hp Web.jpg (85664 bytes)  1958 Gale Buccaneer 25hp Web.jpg (80880 bytes)


1. Oliver instruction sheet.  Since there was only one Oliver ever made by K&O, the 35 HP Olympus, there is only one sheet here.1958 Oliver 35hp Web.jpg (82155 bytes)


1. Generic motors instruction sheets. These varied from the K&O generics to the general generics.  Many generic motors didn't come with an instruction sheet.
Note:  I have never seen an instruction sheet for any of the Sea Dart or Tornado motors.
K&ONo100OccupiedJapan1.jpg (23153 bytes)  Early K&O Generic 100A (Medium).jpg (35769 bytes)  K&OCyclone2.jpg (40776 bytes)  Cyclone Web.jpg (40465 bytes)  Hurricane 22 Web.jpg (73740 bytes)  

Gas Outboards

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