Denny Cole is a big toy outboard and real outboard collector.  He has decided to expand and make his own products for the toy outboard enthusiast.  The quality of his work is excellent and he pays great attention to details.  Check back to this page often because Denny will be coming out with many new products in the future.  You can see more pictures on their website: 

If you're interested in any of the items contact Denny at:

1. Elto Cub Stand for the Ted Maciag Elto Cub model motor:   This is a wonderful reproduction, in 1/3 scale, of the famous Elto Cub advertising stand that was actually used in dealerships around the world to sell the Cub.  Kidcole Models used quality backing and a high resolution picture taken directly from a real stand and scaled down.  The colors are vibrant and will last for a very long time.  The 1/3 scale model of the Elto Cub fits perfectly on the stand and is sure to be a center piece of your collection.

Cub Stand Front View (Large).jpg (115483 bytes)  Cub Stand Box (Large).jpg (58800 bytes)
Cub Stand Back1 (Large).jpg (68606 bytes)  Cub Stand Back (Large).jpg (57834 bytes)

2. Denny's traveling display of Alterscale motors:  This is a hand made stand for Denny's Alterscale motors.  He takes the display to major Antique Outboard Motor Club meets.  It's very impressive!  Also, here are pictures of his amazing collection of generic motors.  There's also a picture of his real Elto Cub on a real stand along with his real and model Clarke Trollers!  Awesome collection! Alterscale20Set (Large).jpg (140621 bytes)  Denny Cole collection1 (Large).jpg (147952 bytes)
Denny Cole collection2 (Large).jpg (138541 bytes)  Denny Cole collection (Large).jpg (153091 bytes)
AlterscaleDisplayLeftwithTerryAlterscalePrototpyesRight.JPG (122597 bytes)  Denny-ClarkeTrollerDisplay.JPG (103980 bytes)
Denny-CubDisplaywithKidColeModelsPrototypes.JPG (108781 bytes)  Denny-ScottAtwater&EvinrudeDealerPromos.JPG (115639 bytes)

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