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1.  Hirobo Volvo Penta Inboard/Outboard Outdrive. All metal. Extremely well made. Very rare.  These are very hard to find.  I think they were made in the 1970s by Hirobo of Japan, which is famous for their radio controlled helicopters.  There was supposed to be a boat they made that these were to go on but I've never seen the boat.  Has anyone else?  I would love to see a picture of the boat but I'm not sure if they were ever made.  
Hirobo is coming out in late 2006 with a new, very limited edition, Volvo Penta Duo Prop outdrive.  I will post pictures of it when I get one.

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2.  Graupner outdrive. Still available.

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3.  Scratch built Mercruiser Alpha inboard outboard outdrive. Amazing workmanship. Made by Dennis Fadden.  Dennis totally scratch built this outdrive and mounted it on a model engine.

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4.  Scratch Built Mercruiser Bravo 3 dual prop outdrive.  Another amazing model by Dennis Fadden.  He completely scratch built the lower unit and then mounted it onto a classic Ford V-8 engine model.  Great job! Dennis Bravo3d.jpg (72808 bytes)  Dennis Fadden Bravo3.jpg (150069 bytes)  Dennis Fadden Bravo3a.jpg (96026 bytes)  Dennis Fadden Bravo3b.jpg (116986 bytes)  Dennis Fadden Bravo3c.jpg (109254 bytes)

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