R-C Craft model boats!
ITO reproduction boats!

These are wonderful hand made model boats made to replica our favorite ITO boats from the 1940s and 1950s.  The R-C Craft Rocket boat, which is a MUST have for any collector, is 27 inches long.  Most of the rest of the boats are roughly 18 inches long.

Each boat is hand made in a work shop from the best materials available. They are not kits, or available as kits. They are running models meant to be used at the beach, pond or pool. They look great on the mantel or office book shelf too.  Each boat takes approximately 75 painstaking, detail-oriented work hours to complete.   Each boat will have twin motors and propellers, two bullet lights on the deck, and a lighted bow ornament. More models to follow.

The hulls are built up from mahogany, glued and nailed together with stainless steel nails. The deck is one piece of solid 3/8 thick mahogany cut to shape, sanded and scribed to duplicate the real boats as close as possible. Each boat is then finish sanded, painted or stained, and varnished to a high luster. They are then wired, stamped with a hull number and dated, signed, water tested, polished, and carefully boxed for delivery.

Each boat is patterned after an existing antique Chris-Craft, Hackercraft, or Garwood speedboat. The bow light is made to match the style used along with the chromed windshield. All the fittings are either polished stainless steel or chrome plated brass. A deck mounted switch turns on the motor and the bow light. A varnished stand is included with each model boat.

Each boat and stand are shipped in a colorfully labeled box with the date and hull number clearly stamped on the side. -Not Remote Controlled-

For More pictures and information visit:

To order boats, contact Richard Bodziak:
3822 Sulphur Spring Road  
Toledo, OH 43606
Phone: (419) 578-0639
Fax: (419) 578-0733.
EMAIL: Rbojck@aol.com

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1. R-C Craft Rocket Boat with Antique White hull, red fin and green accent:  
This is just AWESOME!  This boat is a wonderful reproduction of the ITO Rocket boat.  I have the original ITO boat in my collection and this one and you really can't tell the difference except that the ITO's paint looks much older.  This boat is a must have for your collection.  You won't be sorry if you bought one of these. The "rocket", model No. Ito-1206W, 27in L x 10in tall, antique white and dark green version. Working red and green lights, single motor, on/off switch. Runs on 2 "c" size batteries. Stand included. 
Price: $375.00 + $25.00 shipping.
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2. R-C Craft Rocket Boat with blue hull, red fin and black accent:   This is the same boat as above only with a different paint scheme.  This one has the light blue hull with black accent.  Very nice!  "Rocket" model -ITO1206B, 27in L x 9in tall, blue and flat black version. Working red and green lights, single motor, on/off switch. Runs on 2 "c" size batteries. Stand included. 
Price: $375.00 + $25.00 shipping.  You should have one of these.  Email Rick at:
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3. R-C Craft Chris-Craft Deluxe:  
Chris-craft deluxe, model No,-CCD-18. Beautiful 18in varnished mahogany speedboat, twin motors, props. Twin red and green bullet deck lights, Buick style lighted bow ornament. Runs on 4 "C" size batteries. Mahogany stand included. Price: $300.00 + $25.00 shipping. 

RC craft version of what an ITO style version of real Chris-Craft Deluxe, might look like.

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4. R-C Craft Torpedo boat!  
This is a super nice boat with the torpedo stern.   The torpedo model No. ITO-1205, 18in long, twin motors and propellers, lighted bullet deck lights and Buick style bow ornament. Runs on 4 "C" size batteries. Mahogany stand included. All wood construction.  R-C craft version of the "ITO Miss Nippon" without the whale fins on the stern. Price: $300.00 + $25 shipping.
RC Craft TORPEDO.jpg (948230 bytes)  RC Craft Torpedo1.jpg (954078 bytes)
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5.  R-C Craft SPEEDSTER in black!  
Extremely well done boat with lots of style and class to it.  The "speedster", model No. -JBW-106.  18in L x 5.5 wide, black and white version. Twin motors and propellers, lighted Buick style bow lights, and red and green bullet deck lights. Runs on 4 "C" size batteries. Mahogany stand included. All wood construction. 
Price: $300.00 + $25.00 shipping.
To order contact Rick at:
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6.  R-C Craft SPEEDSTER in red and white:  
This is the same boat as above but in the red and white version.  Hard to pick my favorite color!  The "speedster" version red and white, 18in L x 5.5 wide. Red and white version, model No.- JRW-805. Twin motors and propellers, lighted "Buick" style bow light and twin deck mounted red and green bullet lights. One red transom light also. Runs on 4 "C" size batteries. Mahogany stand included. All wood construction. 
Price: $300.00 + $25.00 shipping.
RC Craft Speedster red and white.jpg (1002538 bytes)  100_0847.JPG (376083 bytes)
100_0940.JPG (400381 bytes)
7.  R-C Craft Miss Nippon:  
This is the newest ITO Reproduction boat that R-C Craft has coming out with.  This is the finished version.  Rick is still working on other paint schemes for it.  Right now, you can get it in red, black or dark blue.  It's  18 inches long.  Check out those Whale Fins!  This is an awesome boat.  I really want one of these!  Price: $350.00 + $25.00 Shipping.  Now, that's cheap!
If you want one get on the list NOW:
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8.  R-C Craft Miss Toledo:  This boat is huge!  It's 24 inches long and a real beauty!  Check out the cool whale fin on the back!  Only 25 will be made!  So, get yours right away. Price: $450 plus $25 shipping. 100_2971 (Large).jpg (98559 bytes)  USE (Large).jpg (76267 bytes)
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9.  R-C Craft ITO Whale:  This is GREAT!  The ITO Whale is probably the rarest of all the ITO boats.  They sell for thousands of dollars if you can find one.  R-C Craft has faithfully replicated the Whale in all it's glory and uniqueness.  It's 18 inches long with a single motor.  Price: $400 plus $25 shipping.  Contact Rick now at: 
100_2837 (Large).jpg (59152 bytes)  100_2843 (Large).jpg (68858 bytes)
100_2857 (Large).jpg (78718 bytes)
10.  R-C Craft Swallow:  This is a beautiful reproduction of the famous ITO Swallow.  R-C Craft is going to make this in four versions, some must be custom ordered.  There's a 16 inch version in either inboard or outboard and the awesome 22 inch in either inboard or outboard version. 
The 22 inch inboard version comes with twin engines!  Price: $450 plus shipping.
Price for the 16 inch version is $350 plus shipping. 
Pick the one you want.  I'm going with the 16 inch outboard version!
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11.  R-C Craft Shark:  Another awesome reproduction!  This one is of the famous ITO Shark.  Notice the lines are just like the highly sought after toy boat of yesteryear.  Amazing!  A cool touch is that R-C Craft added red lights as eyes to really make the shark look menacing and really stick out.  The teeth make it look mean and are really the centerpiece for this beauty!  I love this one!  This is a 16 inch model and sells for only $375 plus shipping.  
RC Craft ITO Shark (Large).jpg (79329 bytes)  RC Craft ITO Shark1 (Large).jpg (77001 bytes)  RC Craft ITO Shark2 (Large).jpg (91158 bytes)  RC Craft ITO Shark4 (Large).jpg (87648 bytes)  RC Craft ITO Shark5 (Large).jpg (76556 bytes)  100_3471 (Large).jpg (73818 bytes)  100_3492 (Large).jpg (30226 bytes)

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