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1.  Sea Devil.  American Sturgeon class submarine.  Three feet long and completely radio controlled with a working gas ballast system to dive and surface, working dive planes and rudder, electronic depth controller and speed control.  Built by Robert McDonald.

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2.  Sea Devil (bow).  Details of the bow, sail and periscope array.

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3.  Sea Devil (stern). Details of the seven bladed brass propeller, rudder and dive planes.

Sea Devil (stern).JPG (22224 bytes)

4.  Russian Alpha. Four feet long, fully radio controlled gas ballast system, functioning dive planes and rudder.  Built by Robert McDonald with extensive help from Rustysub.

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5.  Russian Alpha. Control linkages for the dive planes, rudder and drive shaft.

Russian Alpha.JPG (18166 bytes) Russian Alpha control.JPG (30156 bytes)

6.  Disney Nautilus radio controlled submarine from the movie "20,000 Leagues under the Sea".  Over four feet long.  Radio controlled with interior lights, gas ballast system and working rudder and dive planes.  I started this work on this boat years ago but couldn't finish it after my son was born.  Then, my good friend Mario worked on it and this is the result.  AWESOME!  It looks even better in person!  The "eyes" light up as well as the interior lights.  The work on the dive planes and rudder system is incredible.  This was a very difficult model to make radio controlled and Mario did a great job doing it!  Check out the long spar.  The life boat on the back of the sub moves to allow access to the interior.  This is one great looking submarine!
Captain Nemo sails again!

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7.  ITC Halibut.  Amazing 1960 model kit of the famous submarine Halibut.  This is not radio controlled but will ride on the surface, dive, circle, surface and then fire a Regulus missile from the front deck!  Amazing!  Utilizes a series of cams and pulleys to do it.  Very rare kit.

Itc Halibut.JPG (13498 bytes)

8.  Water Tight Cylinder.  This is a view of the Water Tight Cylinder that I use in my radio controlled submarines.  Has three sections.  To the left of the picture is the where the motor to drive the prop, speed controller, and depth controller is located.  The Middle section is where the gas ballast system is located.  The right side is where the receiver and battery is located.  Manufactured by Dave Merriman. You install all the components.

Water Tight Compartment.JPG (16655 bytes)

9. USS Cobia W.W.II Submarine radio controlled:  This is my beautiful radio controlled submarine of the WWII sub USS Cobia as it looked in 1944-1945. An original picture of it is shown here in the first picture. The model sub is in 1/72 scale which makes it 52 inches long!  It has a water tight cylinder inside that contains the gas ballast system, engine that powers the twin propellers, servos to control the bow planes and stern planes and rudder, the radio receiver with BEC, and the fail safe which automatically blows the ballast and makes the sub surface if the receiver doesn't get a radio signal.  Check out the wonderful detail of the periscope shears!  Look at the wonderful detail of the 5 inch, 25 caliber deck gun, and twin 40 MM Bofor anti-aircraft guns. Even the deck itself is awesome.  It's a thing of beauty.
This work of art was built for me by Master Model Builder Mario Grima.  His work is sensational!

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