Even though this site is about toy outboard motors and boats I thought that it would also be cool to have pictures of some of my favorite boats and some interesting looking boats.  I hope you agree.  For personal reasons I chose the Lyman and Silverline boats to be first because they were my first boats as a kid.

I had to start off the real boats page with Lyman boats.  The reason is that when I was a baby my father bought a 1952 Lyman 15 footer with the optional windshield on it.  It had a brand new 1955 Evinrude 25 HP Big Twin on it.  The day it was bought in September 1955 my mother took two pictures of the boat with my father behind the wheel and with me on my father's lap at 19 months old.  Those are my favorite pictures of all time.  Growing up I would always ride in the back seats next to the motor.  After the motor was stolen my father bought a 40 HP Scott-Atwater motor for it but this engine gave us nothing but trouble, even though it was fast when it ran.  At the end of one season, he turned the boat upside down on saw horses in the back yard and bought a 1955 wooden cabin cruiser swearing that he would never buy another outboard again, and he didn't.  When I was 13 years old he gave me the Lyman and I had it until 1972 when I bought a 16 foot Silverline.  I wish I still had the Lyman.

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1. 1947 Lyman 13 foot outboard with 1956 Evinrude Lark.  This is a beautiful Lyman 13 foot outboard boat seen at the AOMCI Shelton, Ct. meet.  Owned by someone named Bob P.  I don't know his last name.  Great example.

Lyman outboard shelton.jpg (34999 bytes)  Lyman outboard shelton1.jpg (39901 bytes)
Lyman outboard shelton2 1947.jpg (38916 bytes)  Lyman outboard shelton3 1947.jpg (32807 bytes) 

2.  Lyman 15 foot outboard with Mercury Mark 55 outboard:  This is a beautiful boat seen at an antique boat show.  It's probably around 1956 because the Mercury Mark 55 appears to be a 1956.  Notice the mid station steering wheel and walk through front seat.  Also, notice the tell tale Lyman anchor cut out from the front hatch door.  This boat reminds me a lot of my 1952 Lyman 15 foot except mine didn't have a walk through front seat and mine had the optional windshield.  

Lyman 15 foot.jpg (134735 bytes)

3. 1957 Lyman 15 foot outboard:  This is Bill DeGlopper's son's 15 foot Lyman outboard boat the "Minnow."  Beautifully restored.

Bill DeGlopper Lyman MINNOW (Medium).jpg (91602 bytes)


In November 1971, while working as a volunteer at the Elks Club's Bazaar, I had an opportunity to buy a brand new boat.  A local man won the boat in the Elk's club raffle but because of his age he didn't want it.  It went up for auction to any Elk's member.  With the help of my father and mother, we bid $2,100.00 for the S boat, motor and trailer and won.  Everyone else had bid $2,000.00 or less.  It was a smart thing to do.  The boat was a brand new 1971 Silverline 16 foot Comoro with trailer and 1971 Johnson 60 HP.  I was ecstatic!  I still own the boat but it's in disrepair and needs to be restored.  I would love to do it myself but I'm not able to so I would love to find someone who can do it for me. 

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1. 1971 Silverline Comoro.  This is NOT my boat but looks just like it.  My boat is green and now has a 1979 Evinrude 100 HP motor on it.  This boat, which I saw on the Internet for sale, has a Mercury 115 HP motor on it.

PA170706b.jpg (240327 bytes)  PB010094.JPG (428178 bytes)
PB010096.JPG (432289 bytes)

The Switzer Craft line of boats are truly considered the sports cars of boats.  They specialized in unique and fast boats.  They are certainly unique looking and fun.  After years of searching I finally found a 1957 Switzer Craft Shooting Star!  It needed a total restoration.  Look at the pictures below of the before and after pictures.

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1.  My 1957 Switzer Craft Shooting Star.  The BEFORE restoration pictures:  In November 2006, I finally found the 1957 Shooting Star that I always wanted in Iowa.  Unfortunately, it was a mess as you can see.  Thankfully, I became friends with David Doyle in Wisconsin who had just bought a 1957 Star for himself and was going to restore it.  David agreed to restore my boat too.  My boat needed a restore but about 95% of the original wood was kept and luckily all the fittings were still on it!  The fittings included the two original glow stick stern lights!  The boat was a real mess as you can see. The mice and rodents had eaten away the interior and dead animals and feces were in the bilge.  YUCK!

My 1957 Switzer Craft2.jpg (116063 bytes)  My 1957 Switzer Craft1.jpg (117095 bytes)
My 1957 Switzer Craft4.jpg (83660 bytes)  My 1957 Switzer Craft5.jpg (83530 bytes)
My 1957 Switzer Craft6.jpg (39877 bytes)  My 1957 Switzer Craft10.jpg (75897 bytes)
ShootingStar,before001.JPG (39526 bytes)  ShootingStar,before002.JPG (33317 bytes)
ShootingStar,before009.JPG (43739 bytes)  ShootingStar,before010.JPG (41471 bytes)
ShootingStar,before011.JPG (42794 bytes)  ShootingStar,before012.JPG (30500 bytes)

2.  My 1957 Shooting Star RESTORATION pictures:  Well, David Doyle definitely had his work cut out for him with this boat.  He had to do a LOT of work to get the boat looking right.  The boat was completely stripped down to the bare wood, most of the interior was removed, some pieces of wood especially on the fins had to be replaced, and then the tedious painting process and putting it back together again began.  I give David a lot of credit for his patience.  He's amazing!  If you would like your boat restored by David contact him at: marleydoyle@msn.com 

IMG_0008.JPG (33178 bytes)  IMG_0009.JPG (27891 bytes)
IMG_0010.JPG (28021 bytes)  IMG_0013.JPG (32291 bytes)
IMG_0016.JPG (42615 bytes)  IMG_0593.JPG (22037 bytes)
IMG_0594.JPG (23874 bytes)  IMG_0605.JPG (27659 bytes)
IMG_0607.JPG (22346 bytes)  IMG_0608.JPG (24375 bytes)
IMG_0601.JPG (30479 bytes)  IMG_0603.JPG (27954 bytes)

3.  My 1957 Shooting Star AFTER pictures:  Well, here is the boat fully restored.  David did an amazing job!  These are the pictures of it's maiden voyage in Wisconsin at David's house in June 2007.  The happy guy driving is ME!  Do you think I'm excited? The boat ran great those two days. Ron Wenzel is riding next to me in one picture waving his hand.  
Notice the glow stick stern lights?  The whole pole lights up not just the top light!  It looks awesome in person.
Here are some pictures that we call "Double Vision."  It's the two Shooting Stars that David restored sitting side by side.  David is the only person that has ever restored two shooting stars at the same time.
I also included pictures of the interior some with the hatch cover on and some with it off exposing the fold up seats in the back for more passengers.
The guy standing next to the boat in the garage in the last picture is none other than Bob Switzer!  He was the founder of Switzer Craft boats along with his brother David.  When he heard about the boats being restored he came to see them and autographed both dashboards for us.  A great guy!
David has restored several boats and his work is sensational.  His prices for restoration are also very reasonable.  He's always looking for another boat to restore so if you would like your boat restored you can contact David atmarleydoyle@msn.com 

DSC02502.JPG (1381306 bytes)  DSC02501.JPG (1523033 bytes)
DSC02500.JPG (1358763 bytes)  DSC02499.JPG (1330597 bytes)
DSC02494.JPG (1346689 bytes)  Starlightshorn012.JPG (47104 bytes)
Starlightshorn014.JPG (22272 bytes)  StarDay2002.JPG (44800 bytes)
Starmaidenvoyage004a.jpg (44032 bytes)  Starmaidenvoyage005.JPG (43776 bytes)
DoubleVision,withMark58's001.JPG (54784 bytes)  DoubleVision,withMark58's002.JPG (58368 bytes) DoubleVision,withMark58's009.JPG (50432 bytes)  DoubleVision,withMark58's012.JPG (50176 bytes) Star2Interior018.JPG (50724 bytes)  Star2Interior019.JPG (56339 bytes)
Star2Interior020.JPG (57348 bytes)  Star2Interior007.JPG (45127 bytes)
Star2Interior002.JPG (37093 bytes)  Star2Interior001.JPG (36687 bytes)
Star2Interior003.JPG (45396 bytes)  Star2Interior010.JPG (28618 bytes)  ShootingStar027a (Large).jpg (52117 bytes) BobS001.jpg (45568 bytes)

4. 1957 Switzer Craft Shooting Star.  This boat is owned by Gary MacNorius in Florida.  It's the coolest boat I've ever seen.  Gary took a 1957 Shooting Star that was ready for firewood and totally restored it.  He also modified the bottom by laminating a modern high speed Fiberglas hull to the bottom of the boat.  This makes it capable of a smoother ride, higher speeds and a bigger motor.  The souped up 1978 Mercury 155 HP Merc 1500XS on the back pushes the boat over 70 MPH!    

Mt Dora Show 05 040.jpg (58522 bytes)  Mt Dora Show 05 041.jpg (71748 bytes)
Mt Dora Show 05 042.jpg (51413 bytes)  Gary MacNorius Switzer and Merc 1500XS (Large).jpg (135346 bytes)

5. 1958 Switzer Craft Shooting Star:  This boat is almost identical to the 1957 Shooting Star above.  The only differences I can see are the Grill in the bow and there's more of a hump on the front deck of the 1957.  Also, the color scheme is different.  Great looking boat!

1958 Switzer shooting star.jpg (642903 bytes)  1958 Switzer Shooting Star2.jpg (152494 bytes)
1958 Switzer Shooting Star1.jpg (565411 bytes)  MVC-001S.JPG (135270 bytes) MVC-002S.JPG (123285 bytes)

1956 Switzer Craft Shooting Star with 1958 Johnson 35 HP:  This Shooting Star is clearly very different from the 1957 and 1958 models.  It's long and narrow but is still a super cool looking boat!  Here is a great black and white original picture of a 56 Shooting Star jumping a wake!

1956 Shooting Star.jpg (307274 bytes)  1956 Shooting Star stern.jpg (278011 bytes)  Switzer Craft.jpg (19013 bytes)

1954 Switzer Craft Baby Bullet with Mercury Mark 20H racing motor:  This is the Switzer Craft Baby Bullet.  This one is rigged up for racing with the super collectable 1954 Mercury Mark 20H racing outboard on it and the racing throttle.  It must be very fast with that motor.  These are considered racing runabouts and not hydroplanes.  It must be uncomfortable to drive kneeling down on the pad when going over waves.  Great looking boat.

1954 Switzer Craft Baby Bullet.jpg (125364 bytes)  1954 Switzer Craft Baby Bullet1.jpg (128052 bytes)
1954 Switzer Craft Baby Bullet2.jpg (126178 bytes)  1954 Switzer Craft Baby Bullet3.jpg (113347 bytes)
1954 Switzer Craft Baby Bullet4.jpg (161694 bytes)

1962 Switzer Craft Shooting Star with 1962 Mercury Merc 1000:  This is a beautifully restored 1962 Shooting Star with a "Tower of Power" Mercury Merc 1000 100 horsepower outboard on it.  These are actually wood boats that are skinned over with Fiberglas.  This boat is owned by Arnie Rubenstein and sent to me by Scott.  This must be a fast boat!

1962 Switzer Craft Shooting Star.jpg (118634 bytes)  1962 Switzer Shooting Star1.jpg (95911 bytes)

1956 Switzer Craft Shooting Star:  This is a beautifully restored Shooting Star with a 1956 Mercury Mark 55 on it.  The 1956 Chevy Belair tow care is also a beauty!  This boat was seen at an antique boat show in Wisconsin and I don't know who the owner is.

1956 Shooting Star.JPG (38314 bytes)  1956 Shooting Star1.JPG (46440 bytes)  1956 Shooting Star2.JPG (55175 bytes)  1956 Shooting Star3.JPG (51237 bytes)  1956 Shooting Star4.JPG (54038 bytes)

Aristocraft Torpedo Outboard boat: This is a really cool looking boat.  The lines on this boat are classic for the 1950s.  This one is owned by Bob Huff.  Notice the beautifully restored 1957 Mercury Mark 55 with the wavy decal.
Remember, you can still buy these boats new from Aristocraft.  

Bob Huff Aristocraft Torpedo10 (Small).jpg (43662 bytes)  Bob Huff Aristocraft Torpedo7 (Small).jpg (82782 bytes)  Bob Huff Aristocraft Torpedo6 (Small).jpg (71844 bytes)
Bob Huff Aristocraft Torpedo9 (Small).jpg (90026 bytes)  Bob Huff Aristocraft (Small).jpg (57898 bytes)  Bob Huff Aristocraft Torpedo11 (Small).jpg (77264 bytes)
Bob Huff Aristocraft Torpedo13 (Small).jpg (74122 bytes)  Bob Huff Aristocraft Torpedo4 (Small).jpg (49428 bytes)  Bob Huff Aristocraft Torpedo12 (Small).jpg (71238 bytes)
Bob Huff Aristocraft Torpedo3 (Small).jpg (42393 bytes)


Miscellaneous Boat Manufacturers:

1958 Sea Mac 14 foot wooden boat with 1957 Johnson 18 HP FD-11: This is a beautiful boat owned by Wayne Bearce.  He spent over 200 hours restoring this great old boat and it looks great!  I was lucky enough to take a ride on it and it's a wonderful ride.  The motor is the 1957 Johnson FD-11, which is an 18 HP.  Wayne had just restored the motor for me and it came out GREAT!  If you want your outboard restored contact Wayne at:  KWBearce@aol.com 

best-MAC-FD11.jpg (165845 bytes)

1955 Penn Yan runabout with 1937 Johnson KA 37 outboard:  This is another awesome boat restored by Wayne Bearce.  Just look at all those ribs inside the hull!  Wow!  This is a great looking boat and the motor is fits it like a glove.  Another wonderful boat and motor restoration by Wayne.  You can contact Wayne at: KWBearce@aol.com  

PennYanKA37.jpg (6083 bytes)  pennYandeck.jpg (48062 bytes)

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