Scott-Atwater produced outboard motors as well as other products.  These motors were very fast, often as fast or faster then the Mercury motors, but also finicky runners.  The K&O versions are a wonderful replica of the real motors with authentic colors and decals.  They were famous for the "Bail a Matic" feature which was a hose that came out of the motor, went into the bilge of your boat and bailed out the water for you!  A great feature that was often not working on the motor because of the position of the water pump that would cause it to burn out when there was no water in the boat.  In 1959, the company dropped the "Atwater" and just called it's motors "Scott."  Later, it would become the McCulloch brand.


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1.  1956 Scott-Atwater 33 HP.  Great looking motor with the gold and green cowl. A favorite for some collectors because it's unusual looking.  There was a couple made with a 30HP box instead of 33 HP. I had one but traded it away.  I'd like to find another! Here is a picture of the common 33 HP box and the rare 30 HP Box. I guess K&O was going to do the 1955 30 HP but didn't get it out in time.   The last picture is a 30 HP box that K&O blacked out and put 33 HP on it.  This is a VERY common motor and one of the easiest to find.  Was packaged with several Fleetline boats.  Beware that many have the chrome handle on the top missing.  Thanks to Joe Cain for the first and box picture.

1956Scott-Atwater33HP.jpg (38014 bytes)  Scott33.JPG (32825 bytes)   1956 Scott 33box.jpg (19662 bytes) 1956 Scott 33 BoxB.jpg (25073 bytes)  1956 Scott 33 BoxA1.jpg (22565 bytes)  1956 Scott 33 rearA.jpg (21870 bytes)  Scott1956A.jpg (27971 bytes)

2.  1958 Scott-Atwater 22 HP.  EXTREMELY rare!  One of the rarest for some reason.  Light blue color.  Almost exactly the same as the K&O generic motor Cyclone but the Cyclone doesn't have the lift handle on top of the cowl or a tiller handle (A picture of the Cyclone is on the K&O Generics page). Many call this the 1957 but it's really the 1958.  I learned  that from Scott-Atwater experts and from the catalogs.  Nice light blue color. Comes in a similar box as the 1959 25 HP but the picture is different.  The picture on the box of the 22 HP is of a red motor, not blue, but shows it to be a 22 HP.  Thanks to Joe Cain for the first picture!

BlueScott (Large).jpg (87551 bytes)  Scott22.JPG (35856 bytes)  1957 Scott Atwater 22.jpg (21045 bytes)  1957 Scott Atwater 22a.jpg (15065 bytes)  1957 Scott Atwater 22b.jpg (16016 bytes)

3.  1957 Scott-Atwater 40 HP.  A very common motor and easy to find.  Bright red color with the number 40 in an arrow on the top rear of the cowl.  The difference between this and the 1958 40 HP is that the 1958 has an airplane decal on the side while the 1957 has the words Scott-Atwater printed along the cowl.  A good size motor for the Fleetline Dolphin boat.  Thank you Joe Cain for the first picture and the picture of the box!

1957Scott-Atwater_40HP.jpg (36694 bytes)  Scott40.JPG (44661 bytes)  Scott1957A.jpg (30553 bytes)  1957 Scott Atwater 40.jpg (22849 bytes)  1957 Scott Atwater 40A.jpg (22712 bytes) 1957 Scott Atwater 40B.jpg (20054 bytes)  1957 Scott Atwater 40C.jpg (20197 bytes)

4. 1958 Scott-Atwater 40 HP.  Notice the airplane style decal on the side.  This distinguishes it from the 1957 model.  Notice that the box for the 1958 is the same one used for the 1957 motor. The motor on the box is the 1957. The 1958 is not rare but not as easy to find as the 1957 model. The bright red and white colors are really striking.  Thanks to Joe Cain for the first and box picture.

1958 Scott-Atwater-40HP.jpg (180232 bytes)  DSCN1452.JPG (35321 bytes)  Scott1957A.jpg (30553 bytes)

5.  1959 Scott 25 HP. A hard to find motor but nowhere near as rare as the blue 22 HP.  Only 4 and half inches tall.  Comes in a colorful box.  The airplane decal on the side says "Scott" and NOT "Scott-Atwater" because that was the first year the company dropped the "Atwater" name from it's products.  Many people call this the 1958 but it's really the 1959.  Look in the catalog!  Very colorful Box too. A nice motor size for the Fleetline Wizard and Zephyr.  Thanks to Joe Cain for the first three pictures.

 1959 20Scott25HP.jpg (34716 bytes)   1959 20Scott.jpg (34736 bytes)  Scott 25 HP.jpg (43248 bytes)  1959 Scott 25a.jpg (29820 bytes)  MVC-826S.jpg (74362 bytes) MVC-833S.jpg (53909 bytes)  MVC-827S.jpg (46153 bytes) Scott25.JPG (38566 bytes)

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