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I hope that this will be a fun page on the website.  I want to put as many videos of toy boats and motors running on here as is possible and practical for the site.  If you have a video of your Fleetline boat or K&O toy outboard in the water running, or something unusual, please send it to me to be added to the website.

With some of the videos, depending on your browser, you need to left click on the arrow in the middle of the picture once and with others you have to click it twice.

1.) The story of the first video as told by Steve Richards:

Most collectors of K&O outboards grew up in the 50's.  I was late for the K&O heyday, being born in 1960. By the time I was old enough to appreciate these toy outboard motors, the company was out of business.

Lucky for me though, my Dad built a Chris Craft runabout boat kit in 1956 before I was born, and bought a 1956 K&O Mercury 55 toy outboard to hang on the transom.  Fast forward eleven years to 1967, when I was 6 yrs old.  My Dad brought out the toy boat and motor and gave it to me.  We vacationed on 4th Lake in the Adirondacks, and Dad thought it would be a good toy for me to play with.  Boy, did I ever love the modern looking toy speedboat, with the big, red, powerful and speedy Mercury outboard!!!  I became good at being the captain of my Chris Craft / Mercury combo setting it out for a big loop out on the lake, with the boat returning to our dock.  I thought that I got pretty good at setting the steering to make this happen. I would set the Merc on a big turn and let 'er go.  One day on another voyage, an unexpected large wave knocked into the boat making the motor steer straight ahead. It was off towards the middle of the lake for my boat and motor. I quickly yelled to Mom to save my favorite toy. She dove into the lake, and swam as best she could towards the model boat and motor. She was gaining on it, but tired and had to turn back towards the dock.  But not before she was able to tap the transom just enough to start it on a large loop towards me on the dock. Fortunately, the boat circled back to the dock, although it took on about 1/2 inch of water that leaked in.  If it was out on the lake much longer, it might have ended up at
the bottom! The best part of all this is that my Dad grabbed the silent 8mm film camera and took some footage of this great rescue in action! (I sometimes wonder why he chose to film it instead of getting in our real boat and helping out Mom.) I guess he eventually would have, if things got any uglier. Anyway, I'm happy that he got it all on film. I've since collected all 18 toy Mercury outboards that K&O offered from 1955 - 1962, with great help from Bob McDonald.  I was smart enough to take good care of this original toy boat and motor, and still have it to this day in my collection.  My good friend Jim McCarty refinished the boat for me, and it sits in dry dock now! Stephen Richards Rochester, NY

Here is a still picture of the famous boat.  Left click on it to see an enlarged picture. 
Below it is the Video.  Click on the arrow to see the video.

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2.) Twin engine RC boat.  Robbe Roqua motors.

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3.  Russell Tate with his daughter running a Fleetline Dolphin with a K&O outboard. 

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