When I was a kid my favorite spot on my father's 1952 Lyman 15 foot boat was sitting right next to the motor on the small wooden jump seat that faced towards the middle of the boat and not towards the bow.  There I could watch and listen to the 1955 Evinrude 25 HP Big Twin as it roared to life after a mighty pull of the starter cord, watch as it spat water out the exhaust relief hole, listen to it struggle to push the great weight of the boat and it's passengers up on plane and then as it screamed at full throttle.  It was a real thrill for me.  I especially loved looking back when the boat was on plane to see the motor and the wake.  
I decided that I wanted to have a page of pictures showing our old motors while running, instead of "display stand Queens" as one collector calls restored motors!  The best picture to show them running?  The View of the Wake, of course! 

If you happen to have a nice picture of your motor taken from inside the boat and facing the motor and the wake I would love to add it to this page.  Please note the year, horsepower and make of the motor, what boat it was on, and any other tidbits you would like to add to the story of the picture.  Photos of motors idling, or even not running, but  taken from inside the boat looking back at the motor and wake, would be fine with me.

Click on an image to enlarge.

1. 1958 Mercury Mark 58 on my 1957 Switzer Craft Shooting Star. This is a great picture of my Mark 58 running about three quarter throttle on the 1957 Switzer Craft Shooting Star.  Nice smooth wake and the four cylinders love to roar!  The picture with the large spray is with the 'Rooster Tail' option turned down on the transom.  Cool look!DSC02499 (Medium).JPG (99457 bytes)  DSC02502 (Medium).JPG (90652 bytes)
ShootingStarwithMark58 2002.jpg (40069 bytes)  ShootingStar2001.jpg (46341 bytes)
2.  1958/9 Gale Buccaneer on 12 foot aluminum boat:  Wayne Bearce took this great shot of his 1959 Gale Buccaneer 25 HP racing across the lake wide open without part of it's cowl on.  The second picture shows the motor as it looks complete.  The reason I put down 1958/9 is because that model with those colors were made both years.  Wayne's motor, according to the serial number, is a 1959!  If you don't believe me that it was made in 1959 too check out this ad!bucc25wfo.jpg (19523 bytes)  1958 Buccaneer Wayne .jpg (74552 bytes)
1959 Gale Buccaneer ad.jpg (185932 bytes)
3. 1956 Evinrude Lark:  I don't remember where I got this picture but it's of a 1956 Evinrude Lark running at an AOMCI meet.  I remember that this motor was for sale but I didn't get to the seller quick enough to buy it.1956 Evinrude Lark 30 HP.jpg (89680 bytes)
4. 1957 Evinrude Fastwin 18 HP on Sea Mac boat:  This is a great shot of Wayne Bearce's 1957 Evinrude Fastwin 18 HP running slow on his beautiful wooden Sea Mac boat. That motor runs great!  It just purrs.  This picture was taken by me at the Webster, MA, AOMCI meet on May 13, 2005.  Also a shot of the same motor on Wayne's aluminum boat running at speed!  You have to love it!1957 Evinrude 18 Wayne (Medium).jpg (93790 bytes)  1957 Evinrude 18HP Wayne (Medium).jpg (75264 bytes)
10pitch1.jpg (142487 bytes)
5.  1962 Evinrude Lark IV 40 HP:  This boat and motor belong to Kelly Jordan in Canada.  Beautiful picture of the Lark running at speed!Kelly Jordan 62 Lark IV.jpg (64953 bytes)
6.  1956 Mecury Mark 55 40 HP:  This is Mark Shipley's 1956 Mercury Mark 55 in it's original Quicksilver Green on his 14 foot Glen-L 'Zip'.  Mark and his Dad scratch built this boat from Glen-L boat plans over a ten month period, and it's the same as the boat his Dad built in 1956!  The boat is painted in Mercury colors: the hull is Sand Tan and the red trim is Sunset Orange.  Great job!Casitas,111608 (Large).jpg (135657 bytes)  Aft_VIew,_8=20.jpg (55270 bytes)  Dockside,_6=08.JPG (39627 bytes)
7.  Mercury Merc 700 at speed:  Great picture taken off the Internet of a Mercury Merc 700, not sure of the year, running at speed on a narrow Fiberglas speed boat.  Thanks to Denny Cole for the picture.Merc700atspeed.jpg (95907 bytes)

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