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So, you think you know all of the K&O motors?  How about these?!  These K&O motors were all junk or parts motors that creative people repainted to look like motors that K&O never made.   Some are scratch built by talented collectors. If you custom made any toy outboards please send me a picture with a description of what year and make motor and how it was made and I'll add it to this page.  Don't forget to see page 2 for more motors!

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1.  1957 Firestone 38 HP outboardThis is a custom made K&O size 1957 Firestone 38 horsepower toy outboard motor!  K&O never made this motor but it's in the exact same scale.  In fact, the entire lower leg and lower unit were cast in resin from a 1957 K&O Scott-Atwater 40 HP motor. The cowl, lower leg and lower unit were all cast from a custom made mold manufactured by Ron Hofmann of the Hofmann Engineering company who also made the propeller, motor, flex shaft and switch.  The reproduction wires and fork terminals were made by collector Joe Cain.  It also has an electric motor and the engine WORKS!  Once the parts were made it took Ron Wenzel to get it put together, painted and have the decals applied.  It looks great in person!  Notice in the last picture of the real Firestone 38 HP that this motor replicates. The Firestone brand was made by the Scott-Atwater company.  You can buy one for $550 with Free shipping. You'll love it!  Contact me at:   26b7_1.jpg (17337 bytes)  2942_1.jpg (14418 bytes)  27e8_1.jpg (9969 bytes)
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2750_1.jpg (14675 bytes)  Firestone_1.jpg (53560 bytes)  Firestone[1]._2jpg.jpg (49366 bytes)  Firestone_3.jpg (57725 bytes)   2a50_1.jpg (32275 bytes)
2.  1955 Firestone 30 HP.  Firestone was made by Scott-Atwater. This is the same motor as the Scott-Atwater 30 HP from that year. Painted by Jack Browning from a 1956 K&O Scott 33 HP.
1955 Firestone 30HP.JPG (42917 bytes)
3.  1956 Evinrude Lark 30 HP. Made from a 1956 K&O big twin by Bob McDonald.  This was a difficult project for me but fun.  The decals are just color photo copies from the original catalog and then cut out and glued onto the motor.  Looks better than I thought it would.1956 Evinrude Lark 30hp.JPG (51435 bytes)
4.  1957 Evinrude Lark 35 HP.  Painted by Jack Browning from a 1957 K&O Big Twin.1957 Evin Lark.JPG (38279 bytes)
5.  1958 Evinrude 35 HP Big Twin. This is the large scale version made from a 1957 Evinrude by George Hall.
1958 Evin 35 HP big version.JPG (37718 bytes)
6.  1958 Evinrude 50 HP Manual Start.  Made from the electric start version by Jack Browning.1958 Evin 50 HP Manual start.JPG (34751 bytes)
7.  1957 Scott-Atwater "Royal Scott" 40 HP.  Painted by Jack Browning.1957 Scott Atwater Royal Scott.JPG (36477 bytes)
8.  1957 Scott-Atwater 22 HP with yellow cowl.  Painted by Jack Browning.1957 Scott-Atwater 22hp yellow.JPG (29485 bytes)
9.  1956 Johnson Javelin 30 HP.  Made from a 1956 Johnson by Scott Smith.1956 John Javelin 30hp.JPG (31840 bytes)
10.  1957 Johnson Golden Javelin 35 HP.   Painted by Jack Browning.1957 Johnson Javelin 35 HP.JPG (28348 bytes)
11.  1958 Johnson 35 HP large scale version.   Made from a 1957 Johnson by George Hall.1958 Johnson 35 HP big version.JPG (32162 bytes)
12.  1958 Johnson 50 HP Manual Start.  Made from a 1958 Electric Start K&O Johnson by George Hall.1958 Johnson 50 manual start.JPG (33412 bytes)
13.  Mercury Mark 20H 1955. Scratch built from wood by Scott Smith.  "Mercury" is hand painted!  Wow!Mercury Mark 20H 1955.JPG (23073 bytes)
14.  1955 Mercury Mark 55 in Sarasota Blue and white.  Painted by Jack Browning.1955 Merc (blue).JPG (18592 bytes)
15.  Mercury Mark 55H 1957. Scratch built from wood by Scott Smith with hand painted decals!Mercury Mark 55H 1957.JPG (26080 bytes)
16.  Mercury Racing Motor  made by George Hall.  Replica of a 1950s Mercury racing motor!Mercury racer George H.JPG (32223 bytes)
17.  1958 Mercury Mark 10 Blue.   Painted by Jack Browning from a Merc 200.Mercury Mark 10 blue.JPG (30344 bytes)
18.  1958 Mercury Mark 10 Red & White.  Painted by Jack Browning.Mercury Mark 10 Red & white.JPG (29964 bytes)
19.  1959 Mercury Mark 28 Green and Gold.   Painted by Jack Browning.Mercury Mark 28 Green and Gold.JPG (44878 bytes)
20.  Wooden Evinrude Big Twin. scratch built by Wayne Bearce! Seen next to K&O Big Twin.  Look at the detail!  Amazing!  This is not in my collection but I wish it was!woodomc4.jpg (34536 bytes)  
21.  1955 Scott-Atwater 30 HP  custom painted by George Croteau with decals from Ric Keller.  Note that the "Scott-Atwater" decal is the correct green color.  Made from a 1956 K&O Scott-Atwater 33 HP.Scott 30hp.JPG (78957 bytes) Scott 30 closeup.JPG (99724 bytes)
22.  Scratch built Firestone 3.6 HP toy outboard.  Built by Jim McMillan from wood!  Great detail!  Notice the spark plug wire, gas cap, pull cord knob, throttle, etc.  Great job!  This is not in my collection.SBFirestone36HP.jpg (58238 bytes) SBFirestone36HP2.jpg (163544 bytes) SBFirestone36HP3.jpg (63135 bytes)
23.  Martin 75  scratch built by Brian Koch.  Made from plastic with aluminum prop and throttle handle.  Brian took wood forms and made the motor from plastic styrene!  Unbelievable talent!martin75_1.JPG (226354 bytes) martin75_3.JPG (167809 bytes)
24. 1951 Evinrude Big Twin 25 HP   made from a 1954 K&O motor.  Repainted by Jack Browning.  Notice that there's no chrome plate under the word "Evinrude" and that there's chrome paint on the ribs under the name.  DSCN1211.JPG (32005 bytes)
25. Martin "75" 7.5 HP.   Made from scratch by Brian Koch.  The lower unit is plastic and the cowl is wood.  Custom made stand too.  Wow!
Picture 2: Picture of the cowl.  Notice the fine detail of the cowl.
Picture 3: This is a close up of the transom bracket.  Notice the incredible hand made detail, including small bolts and nuts!
Picture 4: This is a close up of the top of the cowl.  Notice that even the starting instructions decal, the throttle lever and decal and pull cord knob are there!  Awesome!
Picture 5: Close up of the rear of the cowl.  He's even added the famous Martin Fisherman decal! 
Great work Brian!
DSCN1217.JPG (35050 bytes) DSCN1221.JPG (33532 bytes) DSCN1218.JPG (15562 bytes) DSCN1222.JPG (37546 bytes) DSCN1220.JPG (16878 bytes)
26.  1955 Buccaneer 25 HP.  Made from a 1956 K&O Buccaneer.  Painted by Jack Browning.buccaneer.jpg (68045 bytes)

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