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If you have custom made any toy outboards please send me a picture with a description of what year and make motor, and how it was made and I'll add it to this page.

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27.  1951 Johnson 25 HP  Made from a 1954 K&O Johnson 25 HP.  Custom painted and scratch made decals by Brian Koch.  Great work Brian! DSCN1402.JPG (45677 bytes) dscn1403.jpg (52336 bytes)
28.  1956 Mercury Mark 55 in light blue.  Made from a 1956 K&O Mark 55 by Jack Browning.  Great work Jack!DSCN1406.JPG (46689 bytes) DSCN1407.JPG (36809 bytes)
29.  Mystery boat and motor.  Looks to be late 1920s or early 1930s.  All metal boat and motor.  Windup motor but I can't figure out how to wind it up.  No key way.  Doesn't appear to be a Lindstrom.  Does anyone know who made it and from what year?DSCN1410.JPG (38769 bytes) DSCN1411.JPG (32722 bytes)
30.  1958 Mercury Mark 55 in black.  Made from a 1956 K&O Mercury Mark 55 by Jack Browning.  I didn't think they made any Mercury's in black until 1962 but experts tell me they did in 1958 and the Mercury catalog supports it!toy motor.jpg (51612 bytes)

31. MERCURY TOY OUTBOARDS.  These were all scratch built by Dennis Fadden in Canada!  Amazing!  He even added and electric motor to them!  Wow!  Some people have talent!  Notice the Mark 55H amongst the various motors.

Littlemerc's1 Dennis Fadden.jpg (217332 bytes) Littlemerc's2 Dennis Fadden.jpg (201808 bytes)Littlemerc's3 Dennis Fadden.jpg (209978 bytes)


32. Big MERCURY WITH GLOW ENGINE.  This is another awesome scratch built Mercury by Dennis Fadden.  Inside is a scratch built 3 cylinder glow engine!  The lower unit is sealed with oil in it and the prop is stainless steel so she'll run in water.  The engine is water cooled and the Pull Cord even works!  Holy Cow!  This motor is huge.  Notice how it towers over the two large Fuji outboards in the first picture.  Dennis has even made a scratch built Harley Davidson motorcycle and several airplane engines! Wow! Dennis Fadden BigMercury1.jpg (117815 bytes) Dennis Fadden Black Merc3.jpg (72484 bytes)Dennis Fadden Black Merc2.jpg (75462 bytes) Dennis Fadden Black Merc1.jpg (77571 bytes)


33.  Four Stoke Gas Powered completely scratch built toy outboard made by Dennis Fadden.  Incredible! DCP_0001.JPG (31843 bytes) DCP_0002.JPG (28892 bytes) DCP_0003.JPG (30171 bytes)
34.  1940 Evinrude 460 Class F Racing Motor.  Made of wood, 16 inches high.  Scratch built by Walter Oetzell.  Outstanding! Evinrude460-1.JPG (65917 bytes) Evinrude460-2.JPG (54240 bytes) Evinrude460-3.JPG (61699 bytes) Evinrude460-4.JPG (61546 bytes)
35.  1938 Johnson PO-38 22HP.   Scratch built, made of wood by Walter Oetzell when he was only 15 years old! Johnson 22hp.JPG (71876 bytes) Johnson 22-2hp.JPG (51688 bytes)
36.  1938 Johnson SR-38 16HP Racing Motor.  Scratch built of wood by Walter Oetzell when he was 15 years old! WOW! Johnson 16hp.JPG (47639 bytes) Johnson 16hpper.JPG (50587 bytes)
37.  Alterscale Mark 75H mated with a Graupner GTX 600.  Custom made.   I'm going to put it on a radio controlled hydroplane!  It's going to be a blast! Stand-only-Alterscale.jpg (90410 bytes) Steve Rumery Mark 75 Graupner2.jpg (83982 bytes)
38.  Johnson TD-20  scratch built by Brian Koch.  Incredible detail!  Brian may be willing to make a few more for sale if there's enough interest.  If you're interested contact me at: and I'll let him know. seahorse_fin1.JPG (45615 bytes)

39.  1958 Scott-Atwater 40 HP in the Yellow color. Scott-Atwater made many different colors for their motors and this is one of them. Painted and decaled by Jack Browning. Bob McDonald obtained the decals.

DSCN3992.JPG (41751 bytes)

40.  1958 Scott-Atwater 40 HP in White. This is the motor my father had when I was a kid after our 1955 Evinrude Big Twin was stolen. The motor was on our 1952 Lyman 16 foot outboard runabout. The color we had was white and Jack Browning was kind enough to paint one of the K&O Scott 40 HP motors for me that way.

DSCN3993.JPG (35892 bytes)

41.  Alterscale 1957 Mercury Mark 55H. Alterscale never made this motor but did make a Mark 75H and a Mark 55 fishing motor so we took the cowl of the Mark 55 and the lower unit of the Mark 75H and made a Mark 55H! It looks really great in person. It may not be totally accurate but looks cool. Steve Rumery in Maine put it together for me.

DSCN3996.JPG (54728 bytes)

42.  Fuji gas motor modified to look like Mercury Mark 55!! Kelly Jordan modification:  I had a pretty beat up Fuji motor, the brown one, that someone had repainted the cowl black.  It was a mess.  As you can see, the motor has lots of dents and paint loss.  Kelly Jordan offered to repaint the cowl and put his own decals on it to make it look like a Mercury Mark 55.  It came out Great!  You can ask him to modify one of your Fuji Motors for about $100.  It's well worth the money!  These pictures don't do it justice. Kelly is also making his own cowl for the red motor to look like a Mark 75!  I need to get pictures of that one!  You just take off your cowl and his fits right in it's place so you don't ruin your original cowl!!  How cool is that?!!!  Contact Kelly at:

DSCN4521.JPG (108482 bytes)  DSCN4522.JPG (110357 bytes)  DSCN4525.JPG (72216 bytes)   DSCN4527.JPG (84012 bytes)  DSCN4528.JPG (110748 bytes)  DSCN4532.JPG (109159 bytes)  DSCN4533.JPG (101003 bytes)

43. 1959 Scott 25 HP painted green.  Strictly from the imagination of Joe Cain this "concept" motor picture was made by using a photo editing program on the regular 1959 Scott 25 HP motor.  Great editing work Joe!

Scott 25 GREEN.jpg (30005 bytes)

44. 1968 Mercury 125 HPHand made by Doug Dixon this is a true work of art!  Extremely accurate and stunning!  Made in the same scale as the K&O motors so it fits right into your collection.  These are extremely rare and worth buying no matter what.  They are battery powered like the K&O motors and the motor will tilt and swivel.  I bought mine in May 2008.  Hopefully, Doug will make more of them plus other models!  It's a must have motor!  Doug is now offering them for sale for $700 plus shipping. They are worth every penny!
Contact Doug directly at:  

1968 Mercury 125 HP.jpg (68884 bytes) 1968 Mercury 125 HPa.jpg (65022 bytes) 1968 Mercury 125 HPb.jpg (58308 bytes) bobsmotor3001a.jpg (198195 bytes)  bobsmotor3002a.jpg (169394 bytes) 1968 Mercury 125 HPc.jpg (58970 bytes)  1968 Mercury 125 HPd.jpg (79331 bytes)  1968 Mercury 125 HPe.jpg (80743 bytes)  1968 Mercury 125 HPf.jpg (56021 bytes)  1968 Mercury 125 HPg.jpg (62846 bytes)  1968 Mercury 125 HPh.jpg (67126 bytes)  1968 Mercury 125 HPi.jpg (71343 bytes) bobsmotor3003a.jpg (203382 bytes)  bobsmotor3004a.jpg (202117 bytes)  bobsmotor2006a.jpg (205920 bytes)  bobsmotor4001a.jpg (215564 bytes)  bobsmotor4002a.jpg (224706 bytes)  bobsmotor4003a.jpg (224961 bytes)  mercbuilding004a.jpg (222817 bytes)  

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